Chapter 8

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Y/N's POV:

"Where do you want this?" I asked sofia as Zayn and I had the couch on our hands struggling for dear life

"Oh right here please" sofia said motioning towards the middle of the living room

We were finally moving into our new house and bringing in all the furniture

"Oh dammit I think I got a splinter" Zayn said in his thick accent "that shit was so heavy"

"No you're just a skinny twig I'm about to call Jay to come help we need some real muscle in here" I said and he just glared at me

"I think that's fine y/n that was the last thing you guys have been bringing in stuff all day" sofia said
"Here have some lemonade and take a break" she said while handing us two glasses of ice cold lemonade

"Thanks sof" Zayn said to my girlfriend

And I gave her a kiss on the head as a thank you

"Do you guys need anything else? I have to go to the studio soon" Zayn said and we shook our head

"No thanks so much man we're good I owe you one" I said

"Yea thank you Zayn you helped us so much" sofia said and he smiled

"It was no problem anything for you guys" he said "alright I'll get going now" he said then gave us a hug and walked out

I plopped down onto our brand new sofa and melted. I felt Sofias hands wrap through my hair and  then she began to massage me. I opened my eyes looking up to see that she was looking down at me from the back of the couch

"Tired bub?" She asked me and I nodded

"You can rest for the rest of the night I'll take care of everything else" she said while leaning down to give me a kiss

"No it's okay I'll put a few more things up" I said as I stood up opening boxes


About two hours passed and I had arranged and plugged in our tv and things like that. I'm actually pretty good at technology and stuff thanks to my dad

Right now I was putting sofia and mines vinyl and album collection away in these shelves we had. I also filled it in with some movies and books since Sofia loved to read. She was such a little nerd

One of the reasons why I loved Sofia from the start was because we had the same taste in music.

She loved old school music as did I. We both love Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, all the way to Selena Quintanilla, Prince, Michael Jackson and many others. She loves Audrey Hepburn and I love James Dean. She loves Chocolate Ice Cream and I love Vanilla.

She loved Ed Sheeran, I loved Bruno Mars....

You know who else loves Ed Sheeran

I shook my head and cleared my thoughts and went back to setting up

I decided to take out a vinyl and put it to spin. Soon the sound of a guitar filled the room and I creeped up behind sofia who was fixing the curtains and I put my arms behind her waist and I pulled her back close to my front and I began to sway our hips as I sang in her ear

"You're mine and we belong
Yes we belong together
for eternity"

"Y/n" sofia said with a giggle. But then she turned around and placed her arms behind my neck and stared into my eyes as I sang to her

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