Warm (JoshxBrendonxTyler)

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Tyler was feeling sleepy. Maybe it was just a lazy day for him, he didn't know. All he knew was that he didn't plan on getting out of bed anytime soon.

Sun peaked from around the corner, afternoon glow shining through in the bedroom. It was warm and cradled him like a child, but that's exactly the feeling he wanted right now. It was so generous against the tan skin and it made the small freckles and beauty marks on his flesh more prominent in the best way possible. So gorgeous.

Limbs were exposed as he was tangled in the soft sheets, sheets that were pure white and made him happy.

The window to the bedroom was cracked open, and a subtle but pleasing breeze flew onto the room. The sounds of people playing the radio loudly in their own apartments-- who had their windows open as well-- trailed along until the sweet tunes played in his eardrums. Tyler decided that he enjoyed the type of music Neighbor was playing.

The man with brown locks that were becoming warm from the sun, enjoyed this moment to its full potential.

The blankets and pillows felt more comfortable right now. They hugged his frame and welcomed him to a place of full happiness for the day. A place where he could be in a daze of warm fuzzy feelings.

Irises made out of gentle cream and honey never once opened, and instead allowed the eyelids to rest peacefully for the time being. Knowing his boyfriends would be home soon enough from work.

Brendon got off nearly ten minutes before Josh, so he always would drop the man off in the morning, then pick him up when work was over for the day. It was a cycle that fit perfectly with their schedules, and Tyler enjoyed it so much. The two people he loved most would come home at the same time to share delicate kisses and strong hugs that held everything love was laced with.

He couldn't be any happier.

Coincidentally, he heard the sound of a key jingling into the door to unlock it. Tyler pushed his face farther into the pillow, a grin that was out of pure content made home on his expression.

In came the men he adored, having a quiet conversation that Tyler couldn't quite hear since they were in the other room. He had the bedroom door cracked open.

Keys hit the counter, shoes fell to the floorboards, and airy laughs left their chest like joy was the only feeling they knew. Tyler just couldn't stop smiling from how at home he felt. A domestic feeling seeming to flutter throughout the air around him and he wouldn't ask for it any other way.

The footsteps of his boyfriends came closer to the room where he lay. They walked through the door and their once decently loud voices became hushed when seeing their lover in bed-- assuming he was asleep from how tranquil he viewed cuddled with thin blankets.

The brunette spoke not a single word and instead allowed peace to meet within the room.

He heard shuffles and clothing hit the floor. A relieving sigh to get out of snug dress pants and not-so-loose fitting button up shirts. They both worked for companies, different ones, and they weren't anything special. Neither of them got so much money that they would be able to buy a three story home, or something of the sort. Besides, even though they did have enough money to move into an actual house and not an apartment, they liked it this way. It was cozy.

Brendon and Josh were both conversing still, but quietly to not disrupt the one they love.

Soon enough, finally, Tyler thought, they slowly made their way over to the bed. One came from behind and the other went to his front side, crawling in slowly so Tyler was in the middle.

"Is he naked?" Josh whispered to Brendon, slightly shocked. From the voice, Tyler declared the curly haired one was nearly laying in front of him. Brendon was behind him.

There was a silence. A silence that was waiting for an answer. So, with still-closed eyes Tyler answered. "Yes. . ."

Brendon and Josh both snickered. The man with slicked hair that could match the color of a crow, leaned down and pressed a kiss on Tyler's warm forehead, while as Josh on the other hand fully laid down and pressed the tip of his nose to Tyler's.

"Can I ask why you're naked?" He mumbled, breath upon breath that was slowly mangling together in the air between them.

Brendon rested his body behind Tyler's, throwing and arm over his waist and put his lips against the heated skin at the back of his neck. Tyler smiled, a big pull on his cheeks.

"I don't know." The brunette replied. He really didn't know why he was naked. Maybe from the sun. . . Although it wasn't particularly hot at all. Or maybe his skin just needed a breeze. Besides, people just need to get naked sometimes. And that's what Tyler was doing today. "I feel. . . Free. And warm. . ."

It was quiet again. Josh and Brendon looked at eachother over Tyler's shoulder with an eyebrow raised.

"Are you stoned. . .?" The man behind asked, a serious question.

"No!" Tyler exclaimed, slapping Brendon's side playfully. His eyes were still at rest and he didn't plan on opening them anytime soon. He felt if he did, this fuzzy feeling rocking his body would vanish, and he didn't want that. So he stayed in his own little world, where his two boyfriends held him as he tangled in the sheets. "Just snuggle with me."

No one said no. How could they?

Tyler nudged his face into the crook of Josh's neck, the two others connecting hands at his waist. Brendon rubbed his thumb along the latter's. Hums croaked out of the throats, safety cradled all three of them.

Tyler felt like he was an angel in heaven. Kisses placed all around his skin and whispers to enter his ear as affection laced within. This was his happy place.

The music across from their apartment stopped and the only sounds left were the ones of everyone breathing slowly. Soaking up everything around them and breathing out. Life was beautiful. They were happy.

Josh fell asleep first. He always did. The gentle touches of the two he loved brought him peace every time. It was like a lullaby that dragged him down into a place full of cold colors that held stars. He wasn't complaining.

Tyler didn't fall asleep any time soon. Both of his boyfriends did, though. They were tired. Work was hard. They both snuggled him tightly even in their sleep and that made Tyler joyous. They protected him even without knowing. He was sure there was soon to be a princess crown on his head. He felt like royalty.

He felt warm.

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