1. Mindful

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Every article said the same thing.

"...lured the victims to his home.. drugged and then strangled.. dismembered the body.. kept certain remains."

After taking as many notes as possible, the twenty-five year old detective set his pen off to the side and removed his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Too many similarities," he mumbled to himself before rising from his chair to head to his kitchen. As he pulled out a bottle of beer from his refrigerator and popped the top off, he began to think. Copycat killers weren't uncommon - not at all - but this one takes the cake for being the most thought out.

Every case of the Dahmer murders had explicitly gone into description that made his stomach do the most violent flips; and now they were being recreated down to every last detail. The man pinched the bridge of his nose again before going to his living room. Upon turning on the television, he was met with the same broadcast that he'd seen for the last couple of weeks; a warning that a Jeffry Dahmer Copycat Killer was on the loose in the small town of Mt. Arlington, New Jersey.

No one expected this to happen; especially not in a place like this. 

Maybe that's why the killer chose this town, maybe it was with a completely different intent.

Who could really see inside the mind of a killer, anyway?

*     *     *

Back behind his desk at work, Brendon Urie continued to go over the case files and notes that he had taken the night before on the Dahmer case. The only thing different about this case compared to Dahmer's, was that the killer was leaving certain remains behind at the scenes where he probably picked up his victims. 

Some of the bleached remains of four victims have surfaced so far, according to his notes; 

21 year old William Beckett - remains were found on a barren stretch of highway leading outside of Mt. Arlington heading toward the next town. 

21 year old Gabriel Saporta - remains were found outside of Mt. Arlington bathhouse, wrapped in cellophane and doused in sulfuric acid and water.

20 year old Alexander DeLeon - remains were discovered in a large forest outside of Mt. Arlington (no indication that the victim was apprehended here, will dig for more information)

22 year old Kenneth Harris - remains found outside of popular Mt. Arlington bar, The Snake Pit, a week after Harris was reported missing - remains were in a large trash bag labeled "I have returned"

That was the first crack in the case for the police force, leading them to understand what they were dealing with - and realizing that time is of the utmost importance .

Just as Brendon was about to file away the rest of his notes, the head of his tact team burst into the office area with a serious look on his face. "Everyone on call," he started, his voice hard and set as he peered at the team. "We've found another one."

*     *     *

The dark haired male followed the rest of his team in his patrol car, his hand covering his mouth as he was mentally preparing himself for the worst. The most recent victims hadn't been much younger than him; but they all followed the same type that Dahmer would have preyed on - young, attractive males who primarily worked in the industry of selling sex.

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