2: I Didn't Know

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The minute I opened my eyes, the light that shone from the window blinded me. My hand covered my eyes immediately. I groaned as I lazily tried to sit up. Feeling too weak, I fell back into my bed full of warmth. Suddenly, a loud noise echoed throughout the room.
           Ugh...I forgot about the alarm...
           I mustered up as much energy as I could and got out of bed, turning off the alarm that was set on my phone. On my way to the bathroom, I stretched, accidentally hitting my hand on the wall. Ignoring the pain, I went to go brush my teeth and wash my face. After I was done, I walked out into the living room and looked around.
            "Okay, time to start organizing everything," I said to myself.
After a couple of hours, I finally finished.
Ugh I'm so sweaty...I should go take a shower
I prepared myself a set of clothes for the day before stepping into the shower. The warm water gently made contact with my skin. I automatically felt all the stress of moving in wash away. Afterwards, I dried my body and slipped into my clothes. As lazy as I was to dry my hair, I had to in order to go outside. It was my second day in Japan. I wasn't going to be known as the neighbor who always went outside with wet hair. They would know how lazy I am.
After I was finished, the sound of a notification came from my phone. Walking over towards my desk, I picked up the device and unlocked it.
Aida-san: Good morning! ☀️
I smiled at the message and wrote my reply. It was nice having friends, especially since I just moved from another country.
Y/n: Good morning! Are you still sick? 😷
Aida-san: Nope. I think I've gotten better. I'm not that weak. 💪
Y/n: That's good! Would you like to meet up with me today? I just moved in and I would love a tour guide 😄
Aida-san: I'm sorry, but I'm busy today. Maybe some other time?
Y/n: It's alright. Promise you'll show me around? 😊
Aida-san: If I have time, I promise I will!
            I slid my phone into my pocket and grabbed my keys.
Time to explore
           Locking the door to my apartment, I decided to go out and look for some Love Live! merchandise. I walked around until I saw a convenience store that was selling a magazine with Rikako on it.
I must buy it
          "Thank you very much."
          After I got my copy of the magazine, I decided to continue my journey on finding Love Live! merchandise. Suddenly, a store caught my eye. It seemed to sell anime merchandise.
They'll probably have some in here
            As I thought, I was correct. When I walked in, there were rows of nesoberis, shirts, and figures. I felt my heart pound in excitement.
So much stuff!!!
          It was a good thing that my aunt, who approved of my sexuality, was rich. She sent me money to start off my new life in Japan and was willing to provide for me until I graduated. She wanted me to focus on college first before I thought about a job. She never had to take care of a child before, so she was so happy that she decided to start spoiling me. She sent me a lot of money to start off my life in Japan. I won't even say how much.
(I'm just making your dreams come true by making it so easy to buy stuff)
             I eyed all of the items on the shelves. I instantly grabbed all of the Riko items that I didn't have yet and took them to the cashier. He looked at me in surprise as he scanned all of the items.
             "That will be ($$$) yen please," he said.
             I pulled out my credit card and had him swipe it. He grabbed all of the items and placed them in bags.
           "Thank you for shopping at (s/n)!"
           I walked back to my apartment and placed the bags on my bed.
          "I think that's enough of that for today," I mumbled to myself. "I should go buy the essentials."
            I walked out of my apartment once again and went out to buy the necessities.
            I laid down on my bed after a long day. I had just finished taking a bath and was scrolling through my notifications. There was an announcement of an Aqours concert next month. There was a website to pre-order tickets. After the show, you could go to a meet and greet, where you could shake hands with the idols themselves.
My first Aqours concert and my first meet and greet?! What could be better than that?
           I clicked on the button and ordered my ticket.
I should buy a penlight too...
-Timeskip past all the money spending and to the concert-
Y/n: Hello Aida-san!
Aida-san: You can drop the "san" you know?
Y/n: I know, but you feel like my senpai 😄 How old are you anyway...?
Aida-san: It's rude to ask a woman her age
Y/n: I'm sorry! I was just curious...
Aida-san: I'm joking 😜. I'm 27 btw
Y/n: Woah! You're so much older than me!
Aida-san: That's mean!
Y/n: It's true though! I'm only 18!
Aida-san: You seem so mature for an 18 year-old. You moved to Japan from America all on your own...Are you going to college here?
Y/n: Yup! I'm going to (u/n)! I start this spring!
I finished changing her name on my phone as I checked the time.
It's almost time to go. I should get ready
I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door. The sound of a notification rang from my phone.
Aida-senpai: I need to go. My friends are calling me. I'll talk to you later Y/n!
Y/n: I have to go too. See ya!
I continued walking and got into my car. After a lot of walking, I realized that I needed a car. Apparently, my aunt thought the same thing and sent me more money for a car. It was a nice (f/c) (c/b). I've come to love it.
More happened to me than just the car. I also got closer to Aida-san. She insisted that I just called her Aida, but I liked adding the honorific to her name. Now that I think about it, she never showed me around. It was still nice texting her though.
I happily drove to the area where the concert takes place. I was so excited that I couldn't stop shaking. It was surprising how I managed to arrive safely. I grabbed my penlights and my Riko plushie. Of course I didn't forget to bring my Rikako magazine. I don't know if they'll accept autographs, but I was hoping to get one from the goddess herself.
The concert was amazing. I was kind of sweating from all the cheering. Luckily, I remembered to bring a handkerchief to wipe off my sweat. I was going to meet my number one idol, Rikako. There was no way I was going to be all sweaty in front of her. I made my way to the ridiculously long lines.
Which line do I go to?
(I obviously don't know how this works, but I'm pretty sure they have separate lines for each seiyuu)
I looked around until I found the goddess talking to a fan in the distance. I walked over to her line and waited patiently. My heart jumped every time I took a step closer to her.
I'm finally going to meet her!!!
After a long wait, I was the next person in line. As I walked up to her, I felt awkward and very nervous.
"H-Hello," I managed to say.
She stared at me as if she was surprised. It made me curious to why someone like her was surprised to see me.
A/N: NYAHAHA A CLIFFHANGER FOR YOU! Btw ignore how unrealistic this is. It basically shows how unlikely I am to ever meet her. *cries* Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it~
P.S: Isn't she beautiful? I just saw that picture this morning. I nearly cried. No joke

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