00: We Villains Love Too

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Author's note (Jan. 1, 2019)

I wrote this story back in 2012. I was only 12 and honestly, this story had no direction. I was just a bored kid who had a laptop and aspired to be a writer. I never got to finish this one, though.

I regret every waking moment that I did not use to work on this. This could've been amazing if I really, really put an effort on this. Anyway, it's 2019 and I am on my last year of being a teenager. I will try my best to write again. 

On another note, props to my 12 year old self. She writes better than I do now. 

Warning: This was from a 12 year old kid's mind. It was a very different time then. I'm pretty sure there are sexist, racist, and incredibly stupid and unnecessary remarks included here and there. I might've written extreme cringe-worthy content, too. 

(c) EUNICA OTANI, 2012



When I was a kid I was told that we are what we eat, and that we slowly begin to become what we have consumed once we digested it. Growing up, I've learned that was complete, utter bullshit. It's just too unattainably cannibalistic and gruesomely unorthodox, when you take it in a literal sense, of course. But in all honesty, I'm not an exact fan of this metaphorical belief – not because I didn't become a vegetable when I ate one, but simply because I happen to believe in a more precise, more accurate, and more believable theory of human quality:

You are what you see.

Now that is what I wanted to live by ever since. There are even solid proofs to back that up; even the strongest contradictions agree of the same thing: the Catholic Church believing that we were made in the image of the Creator, and science working its way to prove that our origin is from a single gene of a single character.

One is like one. We're all related in the strangest ways ever possible. We live in a body that embodies the whole world. We breathe in a place where we are destined to be like one another. We are identical. We are mirrors of each other.

If by now you don't get my point, I pity your pea-sized brain, loser.

Think of it - we adapt our surrounding's behavior and imply to ourselves what we simply see from them. We copy their actions for replication is the only way to become accepted. Or at least, how we think it is.

But the world isn't good. Therefore, the people are not good.

I know it is, because I am what I see. I am not good. I am a voice in my head I refuse to hear. I am a reflection. I am a mirrored result of the cruelty of the world and the people living in it.

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