Delta team is in

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Me:“Bravo team, we are now in the area and the five of us are in now!”

Bravo team leader:“Well ready the fuck up!!!we are getting pin down here!”

Me:“We here!”

All of us got out of the swat truck and the targets shooting at us and we head for cover.

I got out of cover and shot down the targets with the ak12 attachments with red dot,addition mags,and laser sights. My pistol is a p250  attachments with addition mags and fire dragon rounds. And I also have a siege hammer which I use for knocking down doors walls and wall cellings.

And the rest of my team members are prepare for what coming and must disarm that bomb no matter what.

We rush inside the house A where the bomb have been planted and we are to 5 min left and bravo team is on the other side of the house getting pin down and we got inside house A and shot down the targets that was inside the house shooting their guns at bravo in the backyard and we just shoot them down while they wasn't looking and didn't know what hit them.

Everything was clear and we are now done,I hope....

Bravo team leader: “About damn time you came, we was almost killed until you guys came and save the day”

Me:“Yeah,you damn right about time,but no time to chat, disarm that bomb bravo ”

Bravo team leader:“Okay,Team!get inside and disarm the bomb!”

Bravo 1:“Disarming the bomb”

Beep beep beep beep beeppppppppppppppppp beep
The sound of the bomb making noise as it got disarm.

Bravo 2:“The bomb is now disarmed ”

Delta 1:“Wheww,if I die right here,I would think about my last paycheck there”

Bravo team leader: “Man,I could really need a bomb now”

Me:“Beer is on me”

After that,we all head back to HQ and change our uniform and head inside the house and we all have a great glass of vodka ice cream enjoying the end of the day.

         [Ending,or maybe not]

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