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"You know what? It's official, I hate the colour pink"

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"You know what? It's official, I hate the colour pink"

A fiery haired teen by the name of Aiden announced, barging into a run-down looking youth club to be greeted with the gazes of many and a small smirk from her best friend.
She collapsed onto one of the many leather couches in the main front room, throwing her legs up onto the coffee table and discarding her pink leather jacket as her friend came waltzing in after her.

"Well look, you did me a solid. It's not like I could have just strolled in their and hand pluck the information from them like you did." The blonde replied, running a hand through her short hair before also taking a seat down on one of the couches.

"You know how much I hate vamps, they all sneer and talk about how a mundie like me shouldn't get involved in downworlder business" Aiden scoffed, twirling a piece of her hair absentmindedly around her perfectly manicured finger nail.

"Well technically...you're not a mundie" her friend replied, tossing her a bottle of water she quickly opened and gulped down.

"Yeah, but I ain't no Downworlder either am I Gracie?" Aiden replied, rolling of the couch unceremoniously and standing to her feet with a huff.

"Shadowhunter maybe? A witch?"

"Okay, now I just feel insulted" she relied, rolling her eyes Gracie's way who simply just barked out a laugh.
"Where's Lola?"

"Matt took her for a walk, thought she could do with getting out for a bit"

"You mean he's gone to play chase in the park with her?" The fiery haired teen retorted smugly, arching a brow.

"Look, just cause we're werewolves doesn't mean you get to make a dog joke every single time. I could still make you turn if I wanted" Gracie threatened, but Aiden knew all too well that her friend was just joking.

"I know you're lying Grace, I was there when you got attacked. You promised me way back that you would never make me change because you wanted to keep our friendship" Aiden grinned, patting her friends back whilst moving to exit the main room.

"Yeah, you're right about that. Who would have thought though that two years later I would be a teen leader to a pack that nearly rivals that of Gabriel's pack in New York" Gracie sighed, leaning back into her seat on the couch as Aiden spared her a grin over her shoulder before leaving the main room and calling out;

"Well, you were a tremendous force to be reckoned with!"

"Where you going?" Gracie called after her, leaning forward to watch her friend leave.

"Upstairs to change out of these horrid clothes before I faint from the colours being too bright, I was thinking of going out tonight. Pandemonium club. You interested?"

"Would love to, but I gotta monitors the new pups training. So I'm gonna have to pass"

"Too bad" Aiden pouted, mounting the stairs and walking along the corridor until coming upon her room.

Walking inside, she was just about to shut the door when a snout pushed it open and a brown and white pit bull came trotting inside, a tennis ball proudly presented in her mouth. Aiden smiled.

"Thanks Matt!" She shouted, knowing he was downstairs somewhere and could hear her before she shut the door and began to look through her wardrobe.

Lola had passed out on her bed, gnawing contently at the tennis ball whilst looking towards her owner every now and then. Aiden had strewn outfits all across her room, covering the floor, her desk and even a certain dress hanging from the light shade. She had finally slipped into a satisfactory outfit, looking over herself in the mirror before moving to do her makeup.

What? Aiden enjoyed getting all dressed up now and then to go out. However, in reality, she wasn't just going to the club for the fun of it, she was going due to hearing rumours of a demon draining mundanes of their blood and she wanted to see if she could get any more information. So? She was just curious.

Finishing up her look, she lastly slipped a thigh holster on her right leg, hand blades inside that she could wield perfectly in case things got messy. Checking herself over once more in the mirror, Aiden nodded to herself before leaving her room and beckoning Lola to follow.

"Gracie! I'm leaving!" She shouted out, stood by the door of the club and waiting to get a reply from her best friends. Silence. So instead, she grabbed the attention of a pack member instead.
"Hey, Lily? Could you tell Gracie that I've left? I will possibly be back later?"

"Sure thing Aiden, have fun" she grinned, walking off to find Gracie as Aiden left the base and made her way out onto the streets of New York.

One destination in mind.

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