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When Tony Stark walked through the doors of the soup kitchen, there wasn't one person who wasn't surprised. Even after he said he'd come, Sera wanted to see it with her own two eyes. It wasn't common for the rich to help the lower-class, so heads were turned when he marched through the doors with his head held high and a bag draped over his shoulder.

Sera raised her eyebrows as he strolled into the kitchens, placing his backpack on the ground and grinning widely. "Good evening, everyone."

"You made it." Sera stated in an almost hesitant tone, and he nodded, cracking his fingers in front of him and jumping up and down to hype himself up. The blonde woman stared at him for a moment, before allowing a polite smile to grace her lips. Her eyebrows raised, she watched as he stepped past her. "You ever done this before?"

"Nope, but I'm ready!" Tony rubbed his hands together and grabbed an apron from the wall beside the phone. Alice glanced over at Luca, who was grinning from ear to ear. Micah was frowning a little, and Bobby was chuckling softly at the rich boy's enthusiasm. "What do you want me to do?"

"Well, you can start by helping Bobby hand out bread, I suppose." Sera responded, before turning around towards the front bench and mixing the large pot of soup that looked tasty and warm. A line had already formed, and everyone in the kitchen was ready to begin the process of serving up dinner. Tony nodded and stepped up beside the blond boy, both exchanging quick greetings.

Within the next few minutes, they had served up several plates, and Sera felt her spirits lift as she welcomed all the people who she had known for years. She hated the circumstances they had become friends over, but she enjoyed spending time with them nonetheless. It was a humbling experience, working at the soup kitchen, but she didn't know where she'd be without the incredible people she saw so often.

"Looks like Tony's enjoying himself." Luca giggled after about half an hour, and Sera glanced over to see Tony laugh at something Bobby had said, a wide smile on his face as he interacted with the people he was serving. Sera nodded in agreement, hiding her surprise. Luca nudged her, grinning widely. "He really is a sweetheart, I don't know what you're worried about."

"But what if he's only a sweetheart now?" Sera responded as she turned her head back to the soup she was ladling into bowls. Noticing how the blonde had accidentally shut herself off slightly, Luca rested a hand on her arm comfortingly. Sera sighed softly, pausing what she was doing. "What if he changes?"

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