Chapter 90. Maha Chapter

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I meant to post this by Tuesday and had even written quite a bit. But I seriously did not like what I had written - So yeah - Once AGAIN I deleted the entire lot like I have done on previous occasions too- haha!


Shravan's POV.

Time seemed to have stopped moving. Why is it taking so long? They have been in there forever!

I started at the closed door willing it to open and herald good news.

It seemed determined to stay shut.

"Don't worry. All will be well." Danny's voice sounded from my left and I turned to give him a helpless look.

I nodded slightly before looking away.

Yes. All will be well. It had to be well.

I looked at Pushkar as he stood near the window staring outside, his back towards me. I did not need to look at his face to know how tensed and worried he was.

Feeling too restless to sit I got up and started pacing. This is what I had been doing since over two hours.

Standing in a corner- siting down- getting restless and pacing.

"Shravan you need to relax. You will just tire yourself if you continue with his." Rahul said as he came there holding a tray of coffee in Styrofoam glasses.

He handed the tray to Danny before picking one glass from it and handing it to me. I shook my head, silently refusing his offer.

Even if I did try, I doubt a drop would slide down my throat right now.

"If you fall ill you will be of no help when you would be required." Rahul persisted and I looked at him.

It's remarkable how he had accepted the fact that Sumo did not reciprocate his feelings and saw him only as a good friend.

I looked at the glass in his hand the tantalising aroma of coffee drifted to my nostril and I reached for it.

My fingers curled into a fist before it reached it and I closed my eyes as a fresh slab of agony pierced my heart and the pain hit me on my heart.

My breath seemed to get stuck in my lungs and I wiled myself to breathe in hard before releasing it slowly.

Opening my eyes I glanced at Rahul and shook my head in refusal and saw his face take in a resigned and disapproving look.

Stepping away I started pacing and saw Danny was standing behind Pushkar with another glass of coffee in his hand. He placed his other hand on Pushkar's shoulder making him turn around slightly.

One look at Pushkar's face with traces of tears that he had been trying to hide from us and his blood shot eyes was enough to snap the little control I had been having on my emotions currently.

I stumbled backwards and slumped into a hard chair and covered my face with both my hands.


My hands fell away as this new voice reached my ears.

Why is my mother here again? She had left over an hour ago after a detailed discussion with the doctors.

I saw my father standing just behind her. I was seeing him after days and that too he and my mother had obviously come here together.

My heart was not prepared to take in any new emotion currently and I shifted my focus solely to my mother who was looking at me with concern in her eyes.

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