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(Look at Jahseh & Aiden😍)
"Please Jahseh please!" I cried out trying to get from his grip but didn't budge. Tears were flowing down my face. All I seen in Jahseh eyes were darkness. Jahseh well X bit my neck. I flinched in pain. "I like to be rough get use to it babygirl." Jahseh said. He let go of my wrists. "Chloé I-I-I sorry I don't mean to my demons." He said crying.  "Jahseh no its okay." I reassure him and hug him. "I-I-I don't mean to I swear I love you." Jahseh said crying hysterically. I just shush him and comfront him.
{A hour later}
Jahseh was in the bed sleep. I couldn't sleep because my wrist was still hurting and I put some ice on them but it didn't work. I wasn't tired so I stayed up and watch Investigation Discovery Channel. I felt Jahseh shift in the bed and I turn around to see if he got up but he was still sleep. I went to the bathroom and look at my wrists clearly they were purple. I winced in pain moving them. I just went in the corner of the bathroom wall and start crying. I seen some a figure forming. "Baby what's wrong?" It was Jahseh mother Cleopatra. "Jahseh demons." I said crying. "I told him and told him to take his medicine when he was younger he never take them, Is he taking them now?" Cleopatra ask me. "I don't if he is, I guess not." I shrugged. "He needs to take them, his actions and his illness will be extreme and deadly." Cleopatra said.

(Author Note) I couldn't come up with more ideas😭😭 One of my readers told me to update again!! I try my best on this chapter. I hope Jahseh takes his medicine and get better his demons are fucking with him. Vote, comment, and follow me!!!😍💘

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