Chapter EIGHT ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

*1 week later*

Harvey has been really kind to me this week
He helps me on anything

Its the weekend and the school dance is on Friday
So I decided to go outside the garden
I got a message from Max

Max 🔥: Kayleigh, can you come here please?
Kayleigh : Why?
Max 🔥: just come. I'll tell you everything.
Kayleigh : okay i'll be there.

I changed my clothes to a better one and headed down to the door
I walked to Max's house
I wonder why he wants me to come

I arrived at his place and I knocked on the door

I can hear someone shouting inside
After 3 minutes
The door opened
"Hey" Harvey said
"Hey, is Max here? He said he wants to talk to me" I said
"Yeah he's upstairs, come in" he said
I went inside and saw Tilly and Leo running around
"Ignore those brats" Harvey said
I chuckled
He guided me to their room

"He has been crying since yesterday" He said
"Why?" I asked
"He's gonna explain why" he said
I knocked on the door
"Leave me alone!" Max said
"Its me, Kayleigh"
"Come in" he said
I went in and saw Max on the bean bag

"What's wrong Max?" I said
"She dumped me." Max said
"Yeah her. She apparently cheated on me. I even have the video" he said and showed me the video
She was with Jack
Oh no
"Did she explain or something?" I said
"No. She d-didn't. She just broke up with me" he said and cried a little more

I rubbed his back and he placed his head on my shoulder
"Want me to talk about it with Alexis?" I said
"I don't know" He said
"She's my friend, I'm going to try and talk to her about this" i said
He nodded

The door opened
"Guys, do you want anything to eat?"
Tilly said
"I'm good Tills, thanks" i said
"Me too" Max said
"Okay, but here's your water Max. I know you didn't ask for it" Tilly said
And left
"Aww she's so sweet" i said
He nodded and smiled

I comforted Max and i left the Mills's house
"Kayleigh wait!" Harvey said
I turned around and saw him holding a box
"Do not open this until Thursday" he said and ran away
I wonder what's inside

I went to Alexis's house
I knocked on the door and her mum opened it
"Hey mrs. Clark, is Alexis here?" I asked
"Hi Kayleigh, she's upstairs. Come in" She said

I went inside
Wow her house is huge
Not as huge as Jack's
I went here before but it was a long time ago
I went upstairs and knocked on Alexis's door
There was no answer
I knocked again but still, no answer
I opened the door
And i saw
Alexis and Jack making out

They both turned around
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped
"What the hell Alexis?!" I said
"It's not what you think Kayleigh" she said and stood up

"I just talked to Max and he said everything" I said
"No... I—"
"I can't believe it Alexis. I thought you were such a kind hearted person. What happened to you?" I said
"I don't know. I started hanging out with Jack since the party"
"Then you broke Max's heart? Your relationship was only 1 week! 1 week Alexis. 1 week!" I raised my voice

"Im gonna be honest, Jack asked me out the day after the party and the video you saw, it was 3 days after the party and I started to get closer. Max is... is like... He doesn't even try to kiss me..." she trailed off
"Max wants things to be slow, Alexis. He deserves better" i said and closed the door behind me

I texted Max

Kayleigh : I talked to her. She admitted it. I actually can't believe it
Max 🔥: i liked her since i first saw her and I decided to ask her out before the dance and she just dumped me
Kayleigh : you liked the wrong person Max. Idek why I'm friends with her. I mean i love her as a friend but that's not the Alexis I knew
Max 🔥: me too.
Kayleigh : remember to stay strong Max. You deserve better xx
Max 🔥: thanks Kayleigh xx

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