Meeting Her (Part 1)

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*This is gonna be a long chapter & the photo and story don't completely match*
(2 days before Vid Con)

Their plane had arrived in Los Angeles, and Shelby had come to pick them up.
(Shelby-Shubs💙 Will-WillKiing👑
Willkiing👑- Hey! Graser and I got our bags, where are you?
Shubs💙- I'm the fourth car when you walk outside of the airport! I'll be standing outside of my car, so you won't miss me 😂
Willkiing👑 - Alright, see you there!
Shubs💙- Kay!
While walking, my heart began racing. Was I really this excited? Or was I extremely nervous? All these mixed emotions for a girl... I didn't think meeting her would make me feel this way.

On the other hand, Graser could tell Will was very tense. He hasn't talked much, and has a specific look on his face.

"Will, are you okay? Asked Graser
"I-I just. I don't know! My heart is beating really quickly, and I can't tell whether or not I'm nervous or just really excited." Will said in his worried British accent
I began to fangirl.
That's cute that he's having mixed emotions! And he hasn't even met Shelby irl.
*sigh* Just support, Grase. Just support.
"You'll be fine, Will. You're one of the chillest guys I know!" Said Graser
"Thanks, dude." Will said with a smile
Out in the distance was Shelby. Both Graser and Will could see her through the large airport window. She was leaning on her car, while on her phone, waiting for them to walk through those airport doors.

Suddenly, Wills heart skipped a beat. He finally knew what his emotion was. He wasn't nervous. He was just excitedly in love.
"There she is, Will! Your crush!" Graser said with a giggle and a smirk
"Sh-She's beautiful... She's prettier in person." Will blushed
Graser fangirled a little inside
All of a sudden, Shelby looked up from her phone and saw them through the airport window. She immediately ran inside.

I was done looking through social media. I was surprised to see that Will and Graser were already in my sight. It seemed normal for me to see Graser, I had already seen him when he came to sign posters. But, when I saw Will for the first time, my world suddenly stopped. Everyone, except Will, stopped moving. Was Will my world? I didn't know what was going on, but I knew it was all just in my head. My first instinct was to run inside. To hug both of them, but mostly Will.
They came speed walking towards me.
"Hey! Oh my gosh! It's great to see you guys!" Squealed Shelby
"Wiiiiiffffffe!" Yelled Graser in his robotic voice
"Hey Shelby!" Said Will with a large smile
Graser was closer, so, I hugged him first. Shortly after, Will and I had reached in for a hug. The world around me stopped, and my heart skipped a beat. The only people in my mind who seemed to be moving, was Will and I. It now occurred to me, that Will IS my world.
We seemed to have hugged longer than I had thought.
Graser seemed to be smiling, and whispering "aww" in the background.
Will and I finally let go. It was awkward for a bit. He and I both blushed.
"Heh, it's great to see you guys! Shelby said still blushing
"Yeah... Hah, it's nice to finally meet you properly, Shelby." Said Will awkwardly
"Yup! It sure is nice to see you again, wife!" Graser laughed
We all shared a laugh
"You guys must be hungry! We should grab some food." Suggested Shelby
"Food sounds great!" Said Graser
"How about we go to McDonalds?" Shelby asked
"Definitely!" Will said
*Shelby drives them to McDonalds*

The car ride wasn't the most interesting. Shelby drove, Will was sat in the passenger seat, and Graser was sat in the back. He had developed a plan while sitting back there. Since, there were booths at McDonalds, he would take up the whole booth seat, and Shelby and Will would be forced to sit next to each other.
"Perfect." Whispered Graser
"Did you say something, Grase?" Asked Will
"Wut, no. Psh." Lied Graser
Shelby laughed, and continued to drive.
Well, that's the end of this chapter! I guess I left you on a cliffhanger to the McDonalds scene? XD Don't worry, I'll probably end up giving you part 2 later, on how that McDonald scene will play out!
Anyways, thanks for reading! And be sure to keep that comment section active! I love reading comments!
Word count: 716 (story)

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