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006. ❛ fire escape and bills.

ONCE THE SCHOOL DAY ENDED, HER NEW FRIENDS OFFERED TO WALK WITH HER HOME; FELICIA OPTED AGAINST IT WHILE THANKING THEM FOR THEIR KIND OFFER. She rushed home to their new apartment building, the one that her mother had moved them into since her father's imprisonment. What her mother kept hidden from her was that it was the apartment building that Walter Hardy used for his cat burglar shenanigans. They used to live in a house that was in her mother's family name, and a wedding gift from Felicia's grandparents to their daughter. It was the same house that she grew up in and all the memories she had to leave behind.

The new move wasn't easy for them having to relocation to a new home and with her mother working, it also increased the number of bills. It broke Felicia's heart to see her mother come home, beaten down from strenuous work at her job while not getting the salary she deserved. The continuous nights that she had found her mother fallen asleep on the couch was devastating and she just prayed that a better opportunity would come their way.

Felicia opened the door of her apartment and to her surprise to face her delightful mother. Having her glasses on while reading a magazine, but immediately dropping it when her daughter came into sight. Jumping off from the couch and pulling Felicia into a tight hug, "Honey, how was your first day?"

Leading her to the couch and sitting her down, Felicia calmed down her mother with her million questions. She let her bag fall from her shoulder and grab her mother's hands, instantly quieting her mother's rapid speaking. It was  their thing, if one would speak without letting the other then the other would quiet down and accept that they had to calm down.

"Mom, I had a great first day. I took your advice and made friends." That was all Felicia need to say before her mother shone a humongous smile. "I didn't get into any scuffles. I paid attention in class and even was convinced to join a club."

Her mother squealed with jumping on the couch, "Tell me more about your friends."

"Well, the first one I made was Gwen Stacey. Very kind and sweet to me, and she introduced me to Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson." Felicia felt like she was forgetting someone and jumped up slightly when it hit her. "Oh and this guy named Peter Parker."

Although Felicia played loosely with that term with him since they were just lab partners, but knew that he was apart of the new group of friends she made. But it wasn't a bad day to make an inference to what was to come.

"Isn't Gwen Stacey the Captain's daughter? And Harry Osborn of Norman Osborn, who own Oscorp? And Mrs. Watson from upstairs?" She was taken aback at her mother's information that she had pieced together in a minute which took Felicia like the whole day. "And Peter Parker lives with May."

"Wait, your college best friend May?" Felicia asked not even knowing that tiny bit of information.

"Well of course, sweetie? What other May would I be talking about?" Her mother said getting up off the couch to the dining room table, and picking up the papers that were scattered throughout. "Poor thing has been through so much."

Felicia sunk her head knowing of the story that proceeded, not being able to hear it another time since attending the funeral herself. It was hard on her even if it wasn't her direct relative, it just made her realize that somebody could be taken from her in a flash.

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