seventeen ; daydreaming

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xvii. daydreaming

━ ❝ i want another chance ❞

━ ❝ i want another chance ❞

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warning! short chapter!


ARABELLA HAD SAT there for a little while before Jordan came walking back into camp, Pan no longer with him. The young boy came over to her and sat on her lap so she decided to question him. "Where's Peter?" It still felt odd calling him by his fake name because to her he would always be Malcolm. She looked around him, making sure she hadn't just missed him walking into camp but he was nowhere in sight, making her frown.

"He said he had to do something before he came back to camp. I beat him," Jordan told her with a smile, snuggling closer to her on the girl's lap. She forced a smile through her worry for her husband, telling them the boy he did a good job and then sending him on his way to go and play with the other lost boys. He did so and she sighed when he was gone, looking towards where Jordan had entered the camp. It would be silly for her to hope that it wasn't anything major. Because Pan was playing a game. She just didn't want him hurt.

Meanwhile, Hook was getting ready to pull David up from the cliff's edge when a voice spoke up from behind him. "Don't pull him up yet." Pan. The pirate turned around to see the boy standing up on a ledge behind him, smoke and the pitch black darkness of the night concealing his features. "I wanna talk. Alone." Hook dropped the vines and walked over.

"What do you want?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

Pan smirked but he couldn't see it from where he stood. "To offer you a deal. Come back and work for me, like the old days." Hook told him that he didn't miss the old days to which he replied with,  "What if I were to offer you something very hard to come by?-" In a flash, he now stood in front of the man, making him jump in shock for a second. "Passage off the island."

"Still not interested," Hook told him with a straight face, even though being this close to the leader made him feel nervous. Pan could kill him at any moment.

"What if I were to sweeten the deal?" he smirked to himself, allowing his 'evil' side control his Malcolm side. Because the good side of him told him that Arabella wouldn't be very happy with him. "You can take someone with you... Emma."

Hook shook his head, snapping back. "Emma would never leave her son or the girl."

Pan refrained from rolling his eyes. Never would his wife leave him. Right? "She left Henry once before, and you can be there to pick up the pieces. I'm sure Arabella would like to stay here. I don't think she wants to leave." He smirked knowingly. "We've known each other a very long time, Killian. We've done business before. And I think this is the perfect time to restart that relationship." This entire time he was going around Hook like a predator stalking his prey. In fact, he did this all the time to make people fear him. It always worked.

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