sixteen ; questions yet no answers

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xvi. questions yet no answers

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DEVIN HAD NEVER been an important part of the lost boy group. He didn't have a special skill or talent. Instead, he was just there, taking orders from Pan. By far he was the most annoying out of the lot, always sticking his nose in places he didn't belong in. Every single time Pan would be by Arabella or would be gazing at her from across the camp, he'd simply watch because it was still odd for the immortal leader to show compassion or love. Perhaps it was just his way of trying to fit in. When he arrived on the island, he was fresh meat. Henry wasn't. Quite frankly that made him upset because the boy never got picked on per Pan's demand. Still. He could not stand seeing the boy casually sitting and chatting with the others. So he decided to start a fight.

Approaching Henry, he got close enough and nudged him with a stick which made the Mills boy turn to look at him with confusion. Devin scoffed. "So, you're the boy Pan's been looking for all this time." This time he nudged Henry harder and the boy backed away in response.

"Ask him," was Henry's only reply to the growing torture. He knew that the lost boy was only playing around but it was still unsettling. As soon as Devin nudged him again, more forcefully this time, he jumped out of the boy's reach and shouted, "Stop it!"

Everyone turned to look at what all of the commotion was about. Arabella was there with Jordan and Curly at her sides. Pan was not. She moved closer, ready to intervene if needed. At the moment nothing major was going on. Besides, she didn't want to get onto the boys about everything. Devin finally answered. "If you can't take this, how are you gonna handle what Pan has in store for you?"

Threat. Arabella narrowed her eyes at the lost boy no one seemed to be a fan of. Looking down, Henry noticed a stick lying on the ground. Nodding, Devin encouraged Henry to pick up the stick. He wanted to fight. Maybe then Pan would get rid of him or punish the young boy. Then maybe the new mother of the lost boys would take notice of him. As soon as Henry is armed, Devin charged, then they engaged in a playful yet tense fight.

Arabella watched with a concerned gaze, clasping her hands in front of her chest with worry. Unbeknownst to them all, Pan had arrived to see the scene. He smirked with glee but then saw his wife's expression which made it drop. But he wouldn't stop the fight. "Not bad," Pan called from his spot where he was leaning against a tree. They all looked at him. The leader made his way towards the pair. "But wouldn't it be more fun, if you had real swords?"

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