fifteen ; never again

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xv. never again

━ ❝ don't leave me ❞

━ ❝ don't leave me ❞

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NEAL SLIPPED RIGHT through Pan's fingers, at least that's what the adult thought. He had successfully found the StoryBrooke gang's camp. Henry was still asleep, his head laying on his shoulder as he was carried. Pan would find them soon enough, that much was obvious. But as long as he had Emma and the others by his side, he wouldn't lose his son without a fight. The camp was empty when he arrived though. Looking around, he sat Henry down before crouching next to the fire, feeling that it was still warm. With a smile, he whispered, "Emma."

"You were so close to finding her," a cocky voice called out. Neal quickly turned around and stood up, seeing Pan, Arabella, and the lost boys surrounding him. "You disappoint me. I thought I taught you better." He jabbed a finger towards the former lost boy. "Never break in somewhere unless you know the way out."

The sight of his grandmother made he internally frown. Wasn't she on Emma's side? Not Pan's? It turned out she was standing by her husband for this battle. Which meant that they lost a very valuable advantage in the game. "I'll remember that for next time."

"Well, there isn't going to be a 'next time'." He smirked, looking back at Arabella. She smiled at him and so he turned back to Neal. "But don't blame yourself. Your father could have protected you out here, sure." Then he pointed at Henry's unconscious body. "But then who would've protected Henry from him?" He pretended to think and then smirked more. Felix went and picked the boy up from the ground. "Talk about a rock and a hard place."

Neal took a step towards the boy, getting close and speaking to him threateningly. He wasn't afraid anymore. Because now he was older. He was no longer a child. "I will get my son back, no matter what it takes."

If Arabella would've seen Pan's face, she would've seen that he was offended. He made a face. She became worried for her grandson. Just because she was helping her husband did not mean that she didn't get concerned for her other family members. "You're not getting it," Pan scoffed. "That's not the problem." He pointed at Neal's chest. "You got them." He pointed at himself. "I got them back." He smirked. "It's the game." His face quickly became serious again. "No, my boy, the real problem for you is that there is no escaping Neverland. No one gets off this island without my permission."

Pan was even more determined to keep Henry now that Arabella had her memories back. He didn't bother hiding his true colors while talking to the former lost boy. There was no reason to. Lying his wife about who he was would only blow up in his face. What would she do when she found out his intentions with Henry?

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