Why ?

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School, the one place where you can find everything. The world's most dreaded creations and also the most Noble of them all. From mean "bitches" to loyal "mates". All under one big roof.
My name is not important. I'm just an ordinary boy like you. I am dying right now and this is my end. Let me take you back to when I was 10 years old. I was a victim of bullying. Does victim sound far-fetched to you? I'm not exaggerating. I was beaten, mugged and a lot more things that I don't wanna discuss right now. I grew balls and stood up. I became little popular. I never had interest in relationships or fame. I had a friend but that didn't last long. Time passes and I was already in ninth grade. I was a lot more popular now. Had the perfect girlfriend and a lot of friends. Wondering what went wrong ? I lost my relationship, my friends and my reputation. Being boycotted is really not that fun. Believe me! At first you think you'll find more friends or be a lone wolf. It's all just a fantasy. You can't survive a minute on this planet without companions. You start to lose yourself.
I lost myself. To cope up, I started talking to myself. Picked up hobbies like origami and music. I learned 3 intruments. Started watching everything that was famous. Reading everything that was a hype. Now I had more info than most people. I knew with this it can never go wrong. I felt that I will fit in easily. Talking to people would be easy. I thought I could relate on some level or the other easily. What came next was the thing I most dreaded for. I never saw this coming........

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