Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

My parents had to stay behind to talk to the Alpha, and my brother disappeared to do god knows what, so I decided I had enough time for a quick visit to the skatepark. "Hey losers, we going skating or what?" I asked my friends.

Dom, Jared and Chris all turned to face me. "You heard the Alpha, May, we have a curfew now" Dom frowned.

"Don't be a pussy, Dom" I rolled my eyes at him, the other boys laughed at me.

"Hey, I'm not a pussy" Dom snapped back, "but some of us aren't the Beta's daughter".

"That just means she's going to get in more trouble, not less idiot" Chris hit back. I pumped my fist with Chris, as we laughed at Dom. Dom turned almost as red as his hair, as he narrowed his eyes at us.

"Fine, let's go. But I'm not going for long" he finally caved. The boys and I laughed at him, before heading towards the skatepark. Jared had a spare board in his car, like always, so we stopped by his car first so I could grab it. We then made the ten minute walk over to the nearest skatepark.

"Oh no, looks whose here" Jared commented, nodding to a group of other teenagers hanging out on one of the ramps.

I groaned, "great, just what I need". Sitting on one of the ramps was three older boys that went to my school who'd bullied my friends and I since we were about twelve. I got the brunt of their teasing as they went to my school and I was the only girl. I couldn't wait until someone in my friends group Shifted and could beat their asses once and for all, but until then we couldn't do shit.

"Ah look who it is, Marty" the main asshole, Todd, snorted when he noticed us. They all walked over to us. Todd and Marty were twin brothers – equally as mean as they were ugly. They hung around with two other guys, Mac and Josh.

"It's the bum fun gang" Marty laughed with his brother and friends.

"The guys all stick their dicks up each other's ass's while they're dyke friend watches" Josh jaunted at us. My fists clenched at my side, but I didn't say anything – I was sick of getting my ass beat by these dickheads. I thought about telling my parents once, but quickly changed my mind after my brother had seen the guys harassing me and laughed along with them.

I would just have to wait until I Shifted and could beat the shit out of them on my own.

"We just came to skate" Jared muttered in annoyance. I glanced at my friends, and I had to agree we were all losers. We were misfits in the greatest respects – obsessed with comic books, sci fi tv shows and we pretty much all got good grades...well except me. But even though we were all Werewolves, we were pretty much the definition of losers. So no one was ever shocked to find out we were all bullied.

"What did you say four-eyes?" Todd demanded, giving Jared a little shove backwards. I took a calming breath as I thought how to get out of this situation. I just wanted to leave without getting beaten up. But I didn't think there was much chance of that.

"Don't call him that" Dom snapped.

"Shut it, nerd" Marty said, shoving Dom to the floor. As Dom fell, he dropped his phone and it smashed on the ground. He shouted in upset as he grabbed it to see the screen completely shattered. His eyes watered as Todd and the others laughed at him. Dom's parents refused to buy him a phone, so he'd worked part time for six months in a fast food restaurant to be able to afford his own phone. He tried to turn it on but it didn't work.

"You broke my phone" Dom whispered, tears falling from his eyes.

"Oh fuck" I whispered under my breath, knowing shit was about to go down.

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