Chapter One

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Chapter One

I laughed to myself as I flicked to the next episode. I'd watch the entire first series of the show that day alone, but I decided that it was perfect time to start the second series – at three am, on a Sunday night when I had a geometry test in the morning. But, what can I say, I'm addicted to TV.

I must have fallen asleep during the next episode, as when I woke up to the alarm my laptop had died and I was sleeping with my head in the bowl of popcorn. I groaned in disgust, and slight pride, at myself before climbing out of bed. I tripped over an empty bottle of cola, cussing like a sailor as I did so. Turning back, I gave the bottle of cola the middle finger – as if it was purposefully in the way.

A deep voice suddenly cut through the house. "May, you better get your ass out of bed--"

"I'm out of bed" I screamed, cutting off my asshole of a brother.

"I'm leaving the house in fifteen minutes, if you're not down I will leave with your stupid ass behind".

"Dick" I muttered under my breath, before I quickly showered and ran a brush through my hair. I quickly pulled on a pair of old, tattered, jeans before pulling on an old black Guns N Roses shirt. My dark hair was still wet and curling, so shoved it up messily before pulling my red baseball cap on. I didn't really give a shit what I looked like, it was school I could care less.

I dove into my brother's car, seconds before he drove away, with my school back pack and skateboard on my lap. "You're late" my brother growled.

"Chill out man, you're going to have a coronary if you're not careful" I snorted at him. My brother didn't reply, but I could feel his eyes glaring holes into my skin. I glanced up at him and gave him a mocking smile. His dark eyes just narrowed before turning back to face the road.

Roland was two years older than me and he was a complete tool. He was tall and attractive, with dark hair and eyes. However, unlike myself, he was confident and popular. Roland could click his fingers and have both girls and boys falling over themselves to please him. But, then, my brother was the future Beta of the pack.

I was born a Werewolf, as was my brother, as we came from a long bloodline of Wolves. My father was the current Beta – the second in command – of the Vernal Pack. We were an averagely sized Pack with average strength, but a Beta was still strong and well respected. Not as strong and well respected as an Alpha; because, well, an Alpha was an Alpha.

"Climb in the back" Roland ordered me, as we came to a stop outside one of his girlfriend's house. I say 'one of' because he had a different one every damn week. I rolled my eyes at my brother, before quickly climbed into the back of his car.

My brother and I did not get on – we were polar ends of the spectrum and I wasn't sure we'd ever get on. But he tolerated driving me to and from school, because my father told him to and he did as my father said. Period.

"Baby" a ridiculously pretty girl squealed, as she climbed into the car. I was instantly jealous of how beautiful she was; especially since I was as plain as muck. Her blonde hair was straight down her back, and she wore a tight pink blouse tucked into her white skirt with matching white stilettos. I didn't know how she could wear heels to school – I tripped over in my fucking sneakers.

The girl instantly leaned over and kissed my brother. They made out for a few minutes, and I looked anywhere else as I tried to keep myself from retching in disgust. When they finally pulled their lips away from each other, the girl turned and saw me. "Who's this?" she turned her nose up at me.

"This is my little sister. Ignore her" my asshole of a brother said.

"Dick" I muttered under my breath.

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