TGP - ii

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It's been a week since the school started. It's been two weeks since you got dumped by the love of your life. It's been two weeks of dying, especially everytime you see her with her new lover.

You sometimes think that maybe she's just using Justin to make you jealous and hurt your feelings even more. You tried to approached her and talk to her and all you get is a no.

You are hopeless. It feels like you'll never win her back but that doesn't mean you're gonna stop getting what you want. In the end, you always gets what you want.

"I know what you will do in order to pay for what you've done to my sweet relationship with Barbara." You mumbles as Kendall is focusing on your teacher who's talking about whatever it is. Kendall just stare at you with the blank expression on her face.

"You'll be my slave. You will do everything I say. You'll act like my new girlfriend until I win Barbara back." She look at you with full confusion written all over her face.

"W-what if she really don't want to comeback to you?" She asked sttutering a bit.

"Then we'll stop and just forget about it. Look, all we have to do is to pretend that we are on and make her jealous, if I win her back, as a reward, you can have Justin."

She just nod at you because she don't have a freaking choice. She don't want to do it at first but you make her seal the deal.

You don't care if you sound crazy of winning Barbara back, you just love her so much and you'll do anything for her.

"Alright, class dismiss!" Your teacher annouced once the bell rang.

You were approaching the cafeteria when you saw something's too much for your liking. It's Barbara and Justin again, flirting in the cafeteria.

You look around and you see Kendall with her friends. They are sitting near to were your ex girlfriend and her new boy is. An idea popped into your mind.

"Babe, you're here. I've been looking everywhere for you." You said as you planted a kiss on Kendall's cheek. But you wanted to take it back the moment after.

She looks at you confuse and also her friends. They are looking at you like they are waiting for a story.

"Are you avoiding me?" You murmur to Kendall.

"Avoiding you? No! Did you eat already? Are you hungry?" She asked you random stuff as she feed you with the fries.

Everyone in the table is looking at the both of you with confusion written all over their faces.

"Introduce me." You whispered to Kendall's ears. Though you know everyone of them because you've been in same classes before.

Kendall cleared her throat before talking. "By the way everyone, this is Y/N. Y/N this is everyone."

"Ken, we know who Y/N is." Hailey said before rolling her eyes on you. You playfully smile on her before Kendall nudge you hard on the side of your arm.

"Kylie. Kendall's sister." A girl sitting across you introduce herself and extending her hand. You reached for her hand and kiss the back of her palm. "What a charmer." She giggles.

"I thought you don't know them!" Kendall glared at you.

"I'm just messing with you." You replied as you kiss her again on the cheek and everyone on the table cheers.

"Are they looking at us?" You asked Kendall, you're talking about Barbara and Justin.

Kendall look at you with a grin. "Actually, they left like the moment you sit beside me." She said that made your face fell. Your subject is not in the scene already.

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