"Alright." You said as you grab your bag and stood up. "Nice meeting you all. Kendall, see you later." You said before scooting out.

You were walking down the hallway when you hear people gossiping about you.

"Omg! Y/N is dating the new girl now?"
"Maybe, she's the reason why Y/N and Barbara broke up."
"But Y/N, still look sad."

And there's many more of it. You just ignored them, because once you argue with them, it will make more drama.

You were walking when you bumped into someone you've been ignoring for long.

"Hey Y/N, heard the bad news." She started.

"Hi Sara, how are you?" You greeted her back nicely.

Sara is a girl from your school who's been crushing on you for god knows how long. You just can't seem to visualize yourself dating her.

Your friends call her basic bitch, and you can't date her because she's basic. And you just seems to not make a connection.

You hooked up with her once and that's all. Nothing more, but she's wanting more.

"I'm good...so since you are single now, are you ready to go out with me?" She flirted as she run her fingers on your shoulder.

You remove her hands gently and you faced her.

"Aren't you dating that Jordan guy?" You asked.

"He's just my side dick. I'll give m-" You didn't let her finish as you walks away. She's creepy.

Right now you are standing at the gate of the school. Waiting for someone. Waiting for Kendall actually. You wanted to take her out. Not actually like that, you just want to go to the mall and buy some stuffs. Your friends are all busy and Kendall is the last person you can think of. It's like she's your last choice.

You finally see her walking with her friends, laughing, and talking you don't know what about.

You approach them.

"Wazzup guys!" You greeted her squad. Kendall just rolled her eyes on you. Zayn and you did the hi five.

"Hey Y/N!" Everyone greeted you, except Kendall. She's like your enemy.

"I want to spend more time with you guys but I have things to do." You said as you grab Kendall by her arm. "Let's go!" You roughly pulled her.

"Where are you guys going?" Kylie, Kendall's sister shouted.

"We're just gonna finish our project. Don't worry, I'll send her home." You said.

"Alright. Use protection." Kylie jokingly said and Kendall showed her a finger.

As soon as you reach your car, you open the door and push Kendall inside. You walk to the driver side and you hopped in.

"What the fuck do you want?" She furiously said as you started the engine.

"Let's go to the mall." You boringly said as you started driving.

"Y/N PLEASE!!! MAYBE THIS IS THE REASON WHY BARBARA DUMPED YOU!!! YOU'RE A BAD PERSON! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MANNERS! YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!!!!" The moment you heard her say that, you stopped the car. She made you mad.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW?? HUH??" All Kendall can do is to look down on her lap and started fidgeting on her fingers.

You look at her and she's probably feeling terrified of your sudden action. She looks up at you and you suddenly soften as her angelic eyes met yours.

"Sorry if I shouted on you." You said. She didn't response but you were sure she heard it clear enough.

After several minutes, you started driving again. You are so affected by her words. First, she mentioned your ex girlfriend's name. And then she make you mad.

"Ahh, Y/N...where are we going?" She suddenly broke the silence.


"Mall is in that way." Kendall pointed at the other side.

"Beverly Center."

"What? That's thirty minutes away from here. Are you kidding me?"

"No." You simply said. You don't know why but her actions and talking is making you annoyed.

After god knows how long, you reached your destination. You went to the mall ignoring Kendall. You just let her follow you as you walk around looking for something to buy.

You went to the mall not to buy something, you just went there because someone told you that Barbara is going there. So you decided to follow her. And until now, you haven't see a glimpse of her.

"Hey, can you walk a bit slower. Wait for me." You heard Kendall said but you just ignored her.

You stop on your track when you saw her. You're like 2 feet away from each other. It's been to long since you and Barbara become this close.

'Babe.' You tell yourself.

You just look at the two of them.

"Hi Y/N, how are you? I haven't seen you in school often." Your ex girlfriend said then smiled at you.

How is she going to see you when if you're not late, you are absent. You suddenly thought that maybe, she's still wanted to see you or maybe she's watching you from afar.

"Yeah I'm good. I'm just busy. How about you?"

"I'm fine. Happy and contented with Justin." She said then anchored her hand on Justin's arm. She even look happier. You regret asking how is she after hearing her answer.

"Yeah? By the way, I forgot to introduce you to Kendall."

Kendall went beside you and you can see on her face that she's shocked of what she's seeing.

"Hmm by the way, this is my boyfriend, Justin." Barbara said.

You look at Kendall and she seems still shock. You suddenly think what's she's up to.

"Hi." Kendall greeted them.

"Y/N, how are you too related?" Barbara asked. You knew it, she really is never gonna be jealous of Kendall because she doesn't know that she's your pretend girlfriend.

"Ahh. She's my girlfriend." You said as you grab Kendall's hand and intertwined your fingers kissing her knuckle.

"Nice meeting you guys. But I think we have to go." Your ex girlfriend said and you bid your good byes to them. You can't stand seeing them together. You're still hurt.

As soon as Barbara and Justin is out of your sight, you let go of Kendall's hand.

"Next time, don't let me hold your hand. Disgusting, feels like I'm holding a trash." You said without looking at her as you were approaching your car.


"Can you please lower your voice? You are deafening me!" You said as you started the car.

"I will tell her the truth tomorrow at school."

"Well, if you tell her the truth, be ready to get expelled." You said in a warning tone.

"Fine, but in one condition..." she said and you look at her.

"You can hold my hand, hug me, kiss me, but don't dare to fall in love with me."

You laugh at her condition.

"As if I'm going to fall for a girl like you." You said confidently and still laughing your ass out.

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