Jeremy's fingers immediately left my cheeks and I yearned for his touch once more. Jeremy walked ahead to him and they did some bro handshake before the guy stepped out of his jaw-dropping car.

Wearing the latest Vans to having a golden ring around each finger, I knew for sure he was loaded with cash.

Before Jeremy could introduce the guy to me, the guy interrupted.

"Kai Harris, a pleasure to meet you." He lifted my hand to his lips and kissing the back of my hand gently. His blueish green eyes never leaving mine.

Definitely a ladies man.

"Skylar Torres, the pleasure is all mine." I said in a posh accent, playing along with Kai.

Rolling his eyes, Jeremy pulled him away from me.

"This is Gabriel's elder brother."

Realization hit me hard once I started to notice the similar features he had to Gabriel.

"But unlike my artistic-bookworm baby brother, I'm a professional successful DJ." He smirked in pride.

A smile found a way to my lips, loving how each brother was completely different.

"So anything going on between you two?" A cheeky smile was plastered on Kai's face.

"NO!" Both Jeremy and I shouted in unison, our face twisting into disgusted expressions.

"Denial doesn't look good on you guys..." Kai said in a sing song tone.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I lifted my chin upwards.

" I'm not in denial, I am just very selective about the reality that I accept." I countered back. Jeremy nodded in agreement while Kai bursted out laughing.

"Let's just see...but since you say that, I'm just going to let you know that I'm single and ready to mingle." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at me.

"Wasn't that your tinder line or something? And look where that line brought you? You're a single pringle!" Jeremy mocked before punching Kai lightly on the arm.

His comment caused me to snicker with a laugh, which made Jeremy's smile widen slightly— I noticed.

"It's funny how you constantly ask why I'm always not around, there you got your answer—a queue of girls are waiting and begging for my attention." Kai stepped into his car, a mischievous smile never once leaving his face.

He gave Jeremy and I a slight tilt of his head, signaling us to get into his car. The soft seats and sleek interior design of the car made my eyes wander all over the place in awe.

"Don't even think about littering in here, Jaslyn wouldn't like it." He looked at us through the front mirror.

Who Jaslyn? His girlfriend? Does he actually have a girlfriend? It wouldn't be a surprise cause his looks already had me liking him.

Noticing my confusion, he shook his head in annoyance.

"Jaslyn is the golden car you're sitting inside now....Oh I'm so sorry baby, you're not a car, no honey you mean the world to me." He cooed as he stroked the stirring wheel before kissing it multiple times.

Giving Jeremy an appalled look, I scooted closer to him.

"Is kissing the car's stirring wheel and talking to it something he does all the time?" I whispered to Jeremy while Kai continuously planted kisses.

"No," Jeremy said. "Sometimes he kisses the car's tyres and talks to it."

Rolling my eyes at his comment, Kai finally regained his composure.

"So, now that Jaslyn is okay, where are you heading to Skylar?" Kai smiled, displaying his cute dimples.

"You could drop me of at any nearby supermarket!" I answered with a playful smile. Kai nodded in acknowledgement and started off the engine while Jeremy gave me a questioning look.

You're going to regret pranking me, Dante.

Let my payback begin...

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