= Chapter 29 =

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"She was forever unexpected, and I was drunk on that about her."

-Jeremy Lockhart


You can do this.
Just a few more meters.
Just keep skating.
For Jeremy...No.
No, do it for the leg muscles, not him.

You could say I was a walking water fountain by the time I reached the gates of the prison that gave me the chills the moment I laid my eyes on them.

And as if it was planned, a distressed looking blonde came staggering out. Hiding behind a large tree which was thankfully near me, I noticed how he was at a state of distraught.

His fist were constantly clenching and unclenching, his eyes kept wandering over the road ahead of him and his feet kept sliding against the ground in a sloppy manner.

He wasn't the Jeremy I knew, that I was sure of. Being so deep in thought, I hadn't notice that Jeremy was out of my sight.

"Looking for someone?" My head snapped towards my side to come upon a familiar pair of ocean blue eyes.

"H-how d-did y-you know I was he—" I stuttered before he interrupted.

"You can feel someone's presence if their eyes are burning holes into your back." He said almost amusingly, despite his blank expression.

"You aren't that attractive if that's what you think." I countered back too quickly.

"Never said I was, but thanks for that compliment. So why are you here? Stalking me? I never thought of you as someone desperate though?" He stared into the scenery before us, never once looking at me.

"Why are you here?" I answered him with a question. Sighing, he turned his head.

"I'm going to give you some advice, Sky. Don't step into the fire if you know you're gonna get burnt." His eyes held me captive, and my breath hitched the moment he traced his thumb across my bottom lip.

His words always had such deep meaning that left me confused and disoriented, but not this time.

"Then let me be burnt..." I whispered, his eyes softened at my words. Shaking away the blonde strains that fell over his eyes, a sad smile laced upon upon his lips.

"I can't bear that something like that happens to yo—" the sound a drifting car interrupted his words, both our heads snapped to the side to come upon a golden Lamborghini swerved perfectly to the right.

The black window shades rolled down slowly to display an extremely charming smile.

"The last time I checked, Jeremy was dating Emily Valentino. So tell me now, who's this fine sweetheart?" He tilted his sunglasses slightly downwards before winking. With tan skin and black hair coated with a few streaks of platinum grey, he definitely had a cool aura around him.

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