Chapter 11

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Night comes, its all black and lonely. No one in his side, nobody is around him. His alone again.

Mahiru is sitting on his bed thinking the times when he and his mother were happy, when his mom actually greeted him with her soft smile. Always care and make him feel nice and warm.

But he knows to him self that 'that' particular feeling won't come back again. Then another woman appeared in his image.

He saw his 5 years old body was crying in park, but a certain unfamiliar woman hug his 5 years old self as he cry and cry on her arms. "Mahi-chan, don't cry. Everything is gonna be ok." That woman said to him while trying to comfort him.

he felt warmer and nice at that time, seeing that woman smile makes him smile even more. Its like he was happy.
But everything change he found himself, his 5 years old body was sitting standing in the middle of a dark room, a room were all of his surroundings are literally shocking.

Death bodies everywhere, they were all cover with blood, there heads and other parts were separated. He fell down to his knees and start to cry,"Its all my fault, its all my fault, I'm sorry...I'm sorry" He said while crying, then everything was set on fire but before that he heard a familiar voice "Mahi-chan, run! Don't let him catch you." The woman said.

"No, I won't leave with out you, where are you Mom!?" His 5 years old shouted, but it seems while he was looking for his mom he trip and his body can't even move   and thats what he heard a scary voice. " i found you Mahiru" the scary voice said.

Mahiru wake up in shock, he was panting hard try to catch his breath. After a few minutes his still is heavy breathing he felt his body is so weak and numb that he can't move out of his bed.

"What was that dream? And who is that woman? Is she my mom?.... But no, it can't be. My mom already died in a car accident didn't she? but what was that?" So many question run through his head, he didn't know where to start.

Then he heard his door open and a single bell rang, Kuro went inside of his room to wake mahiru up because he notice that Mahiru was already Late.

But kuro was worried shock when he saw Mahiru is panting hard laying on the bed, he immediately went to mahiru side.

"Are you ok Mahiru?" Kuro ask in worried.
Mahiru try to sat up but his body gave up and was about to fall again but Kuro catch him, he still feeling nausea.
"I'm fine Kuro, I just feeling a little bit of Nausea." Mahiru reply while he was trying to sat up with the help of kuro.

"Your always feeling like that, are you really ok? are you sick or something?" Kuro ask while he put his hands on Mahiru's forehead and neck.
"Your not warm, but at the same time your face looks pale." Kuro said worriedly, Mahiru just shook off his head and said"I'm fine don't worry about me ok." Mahiru said with a smile.
Kuro heart melt, the smile of his eve makes him feel comfortable and good, makes him feel warmness and nice. Kuro look away he can sense that his face turn into a tomato seeing his cute eve smile.
"Kuro are you ok?, your face is red." Mahiru said, Kuro stand up and face mahiru. "I'm hungry, cook me something." Kuro said as he walk away as fast as he can't in that particular room.
"Ah... Why can be so cute? Now, how can I tell him the truth, the truth about my feelings? tsk, this is such a pain." Kuro said as he try to buried his face in the pillow in the couch.

Mahiru on the other hand was cooking there breakfast, and decide that he will go to school late. After the breakfast was done they eat together and realizing that Kuro can't no longer hold back his feeling.

So he decide that after school he will confess his love towards Mahiru, but the problems is what if Mahiru will reject him? or worse what if Mahiru will.... Ah... he won't think the negative he will think the positive way on how he will confess.

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