That evening/night

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Hope's POV

It was like the Fourth of July between us because sparks flew. but it was amazing. laying in Jason's arms and being as close to him as I could made it even better. we laid together and I started thinking what could this turn into. I could see us being together for a very long time I couldn't believe how fast my feeling were for this man beside me. I wouldn't question about it because I know everything happens for a reason but I just didn't know the exact reason that was.

Jason's POV

I loved having Hope lay in my arms and wish I could stop time so we could have this moment for as long as possible. There was so much I wanted to do with her before we headed back out on the road even tho I knew she was going to be with me I wanted there to be time for just me and her. I wanted to take her some where nice but with me not knowing the town well I'd figure I'd do some research til she woke up. I grabbed my phone to notice there were a few missed text. There were a few from my band asking if things were going ok so I figured I'd message them back before they start calling. After I finished those I looked up some places we could go to eat. I found a few and figured I'd find out what she would want. one of the places I found was Heinnies I read about it and they sound really good.

I woke up to Jason still next to me and he was looking at something on his phone. "I didn't realize I fell asleep." I said "yes you did you looked so peaceful I didn't want to bother you or move and wake you up." Jason said. I smiled at him and he gave me that little sexy smile he has. I set up. "I'll freshen up and we can go if you want." I said "That's fine, oh what sounds good to eat?" Jason asked. "Anything but fish." I said "What about steak?" Jason said. "That's fine with me." I said as Jason leans over and kisses me. Jason was such a gentleman asking what I wanted to eat. I got up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I did my makeup and my hair and found something nice to wear. we headed out the door. when we arrived at the restaurant it was perfect it was as western as it came the tables looked like cow skin and the seats were like barrels and they had country music playing. They showed us to our seats and we sat down and ordered our drinks. our drinks came in mason jars. The waitress took our order. we ordered a steak to share and potatoes and veggies. "This place looks amazing just like you" Jason said. I blushed and smiled at the sound of his voice. "Thanks babe." I said giving him a smile. We sat and talked why we waited for the food to come out. between our talking and laughing Jason would sneak in a few kisses to catch me off guard cuz I wasn't paying attention and sneak in for pictures, I didn't mind it one bit, he was the man of my dreams and I wanted to show the whole world just the way I felt. Our food finally was brought to us and we ate. By the time we left we were both so full that we couldn't eat another bite. I felt like I could take a nap but I wanted every possible second with this man. we headed from the restaurant to the park and walked the river walk. It was one of my favorite places to be and I spend a lot of time there especially during the summer. We walked down by the water and sat down and put our feet in the water. "The food was amazing wasn't it?" Jason said. "yes it was and thank you." I said. Jason gave me that amazing smile again and I got weak to my knees again. We talked about everything we could think of not only spending the day together talking getting to know more about each other and taking pictures I came to realize that he is just like everyone else he don't expect anything to be giving to him he is a handsome 6'1 cowboy and the biggest sweetheart you could meet, I though about what it be like to meet him but never thought this. it was like a dream but better cuz it was reality. "Are you okay Babe?" Jason asked. "Yes just taking in this amazing moment." I said giving him a smile. Jason pulled me close to him and leaned in and gave me another amazing kiss. it started getting late and we headed back to the fair so he could finish up what he needed before we hit the road.

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