Chapter SEVEN ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

I went to my classroom and sat down
There was an extra chair
Is there a new student?

"Okay everyone, we have a new student, this is Kenzie (inlovewithmills ;))" She said
I smiled at Kenzie and she smiled back

*Lunch cause nothing else interesting happened*

I tried to find the new girl and tried to be friends with her
I saw her wondering around the field
as i saw her, i walked towards her
"Hey" i said
"Hi" she said
"Wanna hangout with me and my friends? Don't worry, my friends are really kind" i said
"Sure" she said
"Where are you from?" I asked
"Oh I'm from America" she said
"That's cool! I like your accent" i said
"Thanks" she said
"Follow me" i said

We both walked to the place where me and my friends usually hang out
"This is where we hangout" i said
"That's Brooklyn, Sydney and Alexis" I introduced her to my friends
They all said hi to each other
We ate our lunch and decided to show Kenzie around the school

"Hey Alexis... Kayleigh, Brooklyn and Sydney" Max said
"Hey Max" Alexis said
"He's cute" Kenzie said
"Ooo you like him" i said
"I don't know" She said
"He's taken... by me" Alexis said
Brooklyn elbowed Alexis
And gave Brooklyn a "what?" Expression

"Sorry, Kenzie. She could be sassy sometimes" Brooklyn said
"Its okay. Is it true that he is taken though?" Kenzie asked
Alexis was about to say something but Sydney stopped her
"Yeah he is with Alexis" Sydney said
"That's cool" Kenzie said

I turned around and saw Harvey running towards me
"Yeah?" I said
"Do you wanna hangout tomorrow?" He asked
"Is this a prank again?" I rolled my eyes
"No it's not" he said with a slightly serious voice
After that, he walked away
He told me to meet at the gates again

After school, i went to the gates and saw Harvey, standing there nervously.
"Hey. Anything wrong?" I asked
"No, I'm okay" he said
"So... where are you taking me?" I said
"Wanna go for a walk at the park? I promise I'm not pranking you" he said
I agreed and walked to the park

It was a quiet walk to the park until Harvey broke the silence
"Hey... want ice cream?" He said
Why is he being so kind? Its actually strange
"Uhm sure?" I said
We walked to an ice cream stand and Harvey bought me ice cream
"Harvey you didn't have to pay" i said
"No it's okay" he said

"I have a question" i said
"Go ahead"
"Why are you being so kind to me?" I asked
"I just... I... i don't want to annoy you anymore I guess" he said
"Any reasons why you don't want to annoy me?" I said
"Uhm... i just... want to be friends" he said
I can see his cheeks turn red
"And why's that?" I said
"I don't know" he said

We continued walking and talk about random stuff
He is actually kind if you get to know him
Wow. I didn't know that i'll get this close to Harvey.
I hate him.
No. Wait what.
What's going on

"So Har—" we both got splashed by water balloons
"What the hell?!" Harvey said
"Look who's flirting" said a boy from behind
"Lucas?" I said

Oh yeah. You might be wondering who Lucas is.
Well he...
He is my ex

"What's wrong with you?" I said
"Guess what Kayleigh, he likes you" he said
"Uhm he's just being friendly" i said

// Harvey's POV //

"Uhm he's just being friendly" She said
Okay I'm friend zoned
Well then, she still does hate me
maybe just a little

// Kayleigh's POV //

"Just leave us alone okay" i said and grabbed Harvey's hand
Why did i grab his hand?
As I realised that i am holding his hand, I pulled my hand away and stopped walking

"You going home?" He asked
"Yep" i said
"See you tomorrow then" he said
"Yeah see you"

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