Unexpected|| NaruIno

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"Would you shut-up you Baka!" Ino screamed at the blonde haired ninja.

Naruto pouted and glared at Ino, "Well excuse me; you guys are the ones that want to setup camp, when we should keep moving!" Naruto retorted.

Shikamaru sighed, 'Of all the ninjas that we had to get we had to get Naruto, I mean Ino and him always fight and their both loud, obnoxious, and troublesome, "Ino quit screaming that might alert rouge ninja that we're here and Naruto I already told you we have to rest. If we don't we will face the consequences in battle, you have to remember Ino, Choji, and me don't have your stamina."

Naruto sighed he understood but the faster they got that damn scroll to Gaara the faster they could return to the village, This was all Gaara's fault he just had to request him to deliver this damn scroll.

"Fine!" Naruto grumbled.

Shikamaru sighed, "Naruto you and Ino go search for some fire wood."


"Troublesome, because Naruto is faster and you can keep him from wandering too far."

"Fine you lazy ass, Come on." Ino told as she started to walk farther into the woods.

Ino and Naruto spent an hour looking for decent fire wood but they just kept finding small twigs and sticks.

"What kind of fucking forest is this?" Naruto screamed.

Ino sighed in frustrating she agreed with Naruto this was tiring. As Ino was about to ask Naruto if they should had back to the camp site and let Shikamaru come up with another idea she felt a drop of water hit her hand and another and another till it became a slight drizzle.

"You have got to be kidding me." Ino complained.

The rain started to beat a little harder until it was pouring, Naruto and Ino's clothes became soaked as it stuck to their bodies and mud sloshed under their feet.

"Hey there's a cave!" Naruto called out to Ino.

Ino looked ahead to where Naruto was pointing out and there was a small cave ahead of them.

"Come on!" Naruto shouted as he started to run to the cave.

Ino followed as the mud splashed under her feet, the two blondes reached the cave panting.

The cave was small barely allowing them to move, "Now what?" Naruto asked.

"We just wait till the rain lightens up I guess."

Naruto huffed he hated waiting Naruto glanced at Ino and saw her shivering he saw the way her clothes clung to her hourglass figure, the droplets of water sliding down her creamy skin.

'Bad Naruto, Bad Naruto!" Naruto chastised himself for thinking such perverted things.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts by chattering teeth, He looked back at Ino he could tell if she stayed like this any longer she would get hypothermia, Naruto blushed a he unzip his wet jacket and removed he soaked black undershirt revealing a muscular tanned abs.

He hesitantly walked behind Ino and wrapped his arms her, Ino jumped as she felt strong arms wrap around her waist.

"What the hell Naruto!" Ino asked him.

"You're cold, your teeth are chattering and your lips are turning blue." Naruto stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh." Ino simply said, her mind had shut down as she felt Naruto's warm sculpted body pressed on her back.

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