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This is the story of Arendil, son of harrow, son of Arndil, son of Aernndil the traveller, who was first to settle in the Boretos valley between the Borros mountains.

I Iglendus son of Barrus and head clerk at the court of king of the elves, Ereändil the fairest, ruler of the elven kingdom Alegleasia and the lands north of the river Tegres, tried to write down the happenings during the adventures and heroic deeds of Arendil Eagle flyer in the second era of the third age.

I hope this story gets passed down to the generations to come, so these stories and the lessons we can take from them never will be forgotten and so we may achieve everlasting peace between all races and countries in the continent of Aërtes.

Now before you read the story, I have made a few notes.

In order to understand this story, you need to understand the world. A more difficult task as one might expect, for the world contains all those different life forms and races, bounded by the strange and unpredictable magic of old.

But for now, let's focus on the continent where the story finds place. The continent is called Aërtes. It is surrounded by fast oceans on all sides, and it contains almost all the different biotopes one might expect. Aërtes is as large as the oceans themselves. I don't know about the other continents but I don't think they are as far stretched as Aërtes, for it would take almost five years of walking in a straight line to come to the other side.

Now I do know that this continent inhabits some shady creatures, and it almost always seems to attract strange happenings, as you might find out in this story. However, I have had a quiet and peaceful life, until Arendil. I did not know that young, normal, unlettered, human boy would change the way I see the world. And I hope it will do the same to you.

So, my advice, listen to what the world tells you. And what it tells

is this.

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