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yoongi couldn't sleep at all friday night. he was just so anxious about meeting jimin, it kept him up. he thought about what to say and what to do but after saying it aloud it's probably going to sound stupid.

meanwhile, jimin was also fully awake, pacing back and forth. he opened his closet, stepping in to l look at all his clothes. "never thought i'd be back in here..." he jokes, pulling out several outfits.

the two spent hours just waiting for the morning to come...

by the time saturday came around, yoongi was standing at the train station, wearing a black mask to hide his identity from fangirls.

jimin anxiously tapped his fingers against his knees as he waited for the train to come to a stop. he chewed his bottom lip and inhaled deeply through his nose before standing up. everyone swarmed out of the doors, going different places, hurrying to get where they needed to be. the poor boy had to stand on his tip toes just to find yoongi.

with a tiny sigh, jimin pulls out his phone and texts the other male before looking around only to spot a specific person, wearing all black, blond hair sitting messily on his head.

jimin's heart began beating faster and faster with every step he took. this was his first time speaking to him in person. their first time seeing each other's faces without a screen in between them.

once jimin reached yoongi, both their arms were wrapped around the other, safe and secure. yoongi smelled like cologne but it wasn't unbearably strong like most cologne was. the older male pulled away from their hug, examining the younger's face.

and that's when jimin's eyes started to water.

he just couldn't hold back the tears.

yoongi immediately started wiping his tears, pouting a bit, "jiminie, no, no, no, shh... don't cry, baby. what's the matter?"

jimin hiccups and starts wailing like a baby. "i j-ju-just can't b-believe y-you're h-here!" he exclaims, snot dripping from his nose.

the older chuckles while holding jimin tightly, petting his hair.

"come on, let's get away from the train station. we can go get some ice cream on our way to my place. how does that sound?" yoongi asks, his tone soft and comforting.

jimin sniffles, nodding as he let his grip on the blond's clothes go.  yoongi grabbed a tissue from his jacket pocket and wiped jimin's nose before grabbing the younger's hand and leading him to their destination.

they didn't say much, just let their hands swing back and forth all the way to a small ice cream parlor where jimin got strawberry and yoongi got rocky road.

jimin happily ate his frozen treat, with some dribbling down his chin and hand. yoongi couldn't help but find jimin to be just the cutest thing in existence even with his face being a bit messy.

the blond smirks. "hey, mochi?" he says, earning the brunettes attention.


yoongi leans a bit closer, almost inches apart from the younger. "you've got a little something on your face," he tells him.

"i do?"

"mhm. right here," yoongi smiles as he quickly kisses jimin. he licks his lips once he pulls away, leaving the younger in shock.

"hYUNG!" jimin shouts, smacking the other's shoulder. yoongi only laughs.

"sorry not sorry. i couldn't help myself. besides, you really do have ice cream on your face."

jimin pouts, finishing his ice cream cone before muttering, "you could've just given me a napkin or something..."

the blond clicks his tongue, sighing.

"the more you complain, the more i feel like you didn't like it. i can just leave you right here and go home you know," yoongi teases him, earning a worried look from the younger.

"no! i-i-"

"relax. i'm joking..."

before he can even speak again, yoongi comes to a stop at a gate which forces jimin to stop as well.

he tilts his head to the side in confusion only then realizing that this was yoongi's house. he felt a bit dumb because he was his fan but at the same time, it's not like he was stalking him. not completely.

once inside, yoongi smiles slightly at jimin's surprised reaction. he then points to the younger's suitcase. "you can set those down over there," he says. jimin nods, setting down his stuff.

he suddenly just wanted to cry again. all of this was just so overwhelming and it made him feel so many emotions.

as yoongi began to speak again, jimin unexpectedly ran over to him, wrapping his arms tightly around the older and burying his face in the crook of his neck.

"jiminie? what's wrong?" yoongi asked, rubbing the other's back.

that's when the waterworks started up again...

once yoongi realized it, he held the other tighter, silently running his long fingers through the younger male's hair.

after a few minutes, yoongi pulls jimin down with him onto the couch, cuddling him.

jimin lifts his head slightly, blinking at the older who just gently pulls his head down onto his chest, telling him to sleep while humming softly.

it takes awhile for jimin to finally close his eyes and sleep. the soft snores let yoongi know that he was asleep.

he grabbed a throw blanket from the back of the couch and tossed it over them both before falling asleep as well, with jimin securely in his arms.

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