Foster kid

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Nick's P.O.V.

When we got back to the house I saw police looking through the house and walking through the neighborhood for her. I turned around about to find another place to go until a police man walked up to me.

"ma'am aren't you the daughter of the victim" he asked  stepping in front of me a I shock my head yes.

damn I'm dumb  I thought and the man told me to come with him. I looked at August and he told me he'll find me in the morning.

The cop told me to get in his car and took me to a building. When we got out and walked in I saw an lady waiting at the door.

"Welcome to your new home" she said and I shook my head no.

"No I don't live here ma'am.......... I'm sorry they lied to you" I said looking at the cop.

"Ma'am you are an orphan now" she said and I stopped upstairs into a room.

A girl turned around greeting me with a smile.

"Hi I'm Beyoncé but you can call me Bey" she said putting her hair in a bun.

"Your new?" she asked sitting on her bed and patted the spot next to her.

"Yes but I don't want to be here. So how did you deal with ya know" I asked her sitting down next to her.

"Well I try to look at the bright side of things.....when my parents died I was devastated. The police brought me here and it was this nice teen who was also an orphan.  She helped me get through it" she said laying back on her bed looking at the door.

When I looked at the door I didn't see anything. She picked her phone up and looked at the time.

"Do you want me to show you to your room?" she asked sitting up.

I nodded and we started walking to my room.

"Well goodnight" she said as she went back to her room and shut the door.

I walked back downstairs and seen police bringing my clothes up the stairs. I was about to walk back upstairs until I saw a boy staring at me from the kitchen. I waved at him and walked back to my room.

When I got there I took a shower and put my hair in a ponytail. When I turned around I saw a shadow on my dresser so I turned the light on.

"You new?" The light skin boy from downstairs said.

"Yes" I said in a duhh tone while walking to my bed.

"I'm Chris" he said introducing himself.

"Nicki" I said sitting down.

"How long have you been here" I asked.

"Since I was 9. Nobody wants a nine year old bad ass little boy" he said.

"What happened to your parents" he asked.

"My mom died two years ago and my dad died yesterday. His girlfriend stabbed him and tryed to kill me but I had a little help and I got away" I said.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Mines died in a car wreck. A truck came and smashed the car but I was with my grandma when it happened. So I stayed with her for 3 years until she had a heart attack and died" he said.

"Well I'm going to let you sleep. Good night" he said leaving.

The next day

"Hey girl" Bey said walking up to me.

"Hey and is every body as nice as you" I asked.

"No there's some gir- no bitches that live here and I don't fuck with them" she said.

"I'll be back i'm about to go to the restroom" she said walking away.

"Hello" the lady from yesterday said.

"Hi and I'm sorry about how I acted yesterday I just don't like going places that's new to me" I said.

"Its okay.Who all have you met so far" she asked.

"Beyonce and Chris" she said.

"Wait who is Chris" she asked.

"He's light skin and tall" I said confused.

"Oh no hunny Chris died a year ago. He was stabbed outside the building we only saw his blood but we never found his body" she explained.

"Look I'm sorry I have to cut the conversation short but I have work to do" she said walking away.

"Hey I've been looking everywhere for you, you wanna go to the mall" Bey said from behind me.

"Yea let's go" I said.

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