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Pen Your Pride

Ch.1 Stubborn

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Hey it’s me!! This is a new story i came up with so please bear with it!! If you like comment and vote!! Please thanks! This is my first werewolf story so... Be kind! Lol the rating will change to R so you are warned well I might...(Most likely)

P.s this story is going to be mature as it goes on so you have been warned!!!! I will change the rating so you know don’t read if your weak minded!!! Please comment!!!



It is stupid that I ended up lost, but I know where I am right now is not safe. This is the bar, or so I believe, it might also be a restaurant at the same time. In any case, this strange bar is where I ended up in after the mini-fight I had with my brother's stupid girlfriend. She told me to get out and I did. I don't regret it no... On the contrary I am happy (NOT!). I don't even know why I got out, it wasn't her house! It is my father's it is just that I had so much anger and my brother did not back me up so I left!

Instead of handling their bullshit I got into my 2000 Mercedes SLK and drove; drove like there wasn't anything behind me. Like if I would die if I turned back. I took freeways until I could no longer find my way back. But still, I know I will have to turn back sooner or later, my father will be so angry and my mother will blow a fuse. Yet I know that my dad is hardly home because his job is to be driving from place to place, but for now I know my mother will only have my brothers back. When she calls I'll tell her what my brother's stupid girlfriend did to me and she'll have to be on my side. She'll be so mad at them!

Thank god I'm on vacation, well until school starts. I do not even know what I'm going to do, my phones running out of battery, I have no Wi-Fi and my car is almost out of gas. I am happy my car has good MPG, but still I'm lost. Why did I let that stupid girl get to me? I hear a un-lady-like growl escape my lips. Gosh, I don't even know how I found this bar, something just got into me and I found it. Maybe it was animal instinct who knows. This place... It's beautiful and isolated by trees, but still it adds to my uneasy feeling of being lost. I hate being lost it makes me feel powerless...

I really hope no one touches my car though...

Thank god my dad gave me $200 dollars before he left for a trip. I look down at the drink in my hand. What am I doing?!? I'm 17 and getting kicked out of my father's house by my brother's girlfriend? Why did I leave? I sigh, trying to get my anger under control. I have to get going, I don’t have time to play the blaming game. I just have to wait until my mom gets home and calls me begging me to come back home.

I look at the windows and the wood and gray stone architecture in the large bar, the midnight gray marble floor, and the fancy black oak tables with flawless glass incorporated into them. The place is stunning and expansive but the feeling this place gives off is not very warm and welcoming one. My vision stops as I look at the people that surround the tables, the uneasy feeling was coming from them. Maybe only affluent people come here, and maybe they knew I was not one of them, maybe that was the reason I was feeling uneasy.  

The men are not ugly, on the contrary they are handsome. However, they have a dominate aura around them. While the women are very pretty but have a submissive look to them. Only a few women stand out to me as independent and strong, but they are only a few. Gosh I hope I don't get raped or kick out by them. All the occupants of the bar look from ages 17-27 and they all seem to be hiding something. I feel like I am being stared at and studied every second by them. Even when they are not looking at me, I feel it and it only adds to the feeling of not fitting in.

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