Chapter 23 of F&F

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Chapter 23

Warning, the following chapter is Rated R. For mature readers only, please!


And with that being said, his lips crash down to mine stealing my breath.

My hand automatically comes up to hold his head as his tongue explores my mouth. There’s no time for romance or gentleness. He backs me up until my legs hit the bed then leads me down on it. Our lips never breaking apart. I moan lightly as his body rubs up against mine.

"Gabrielle, promise me something." He says as he leans up and with one hand starts removing his clothes.

"Yeah?" I say breathlessly.

"You won’t go anywhere without a guard around here. Don’t leave until this is cleared up, do you understand?" he asks, all the while removing his clothes.

I nod, unable to speak as he removes the last article of clothing on him. He was…..perfect. His lips mold to mine once more and I lose all train of thought.

He keeps kissing me for a few moments, not making a move to remove my own clothes. Getting restless I nudge at my zipper trying to get it down. His hands cover my hand and stop me. He moves back once again and looks down at me. His breathing is just as hard as mine as he slowly removes my jeans. His eyes roam my body making me shiver in anticipation. Leaning down he nuzzles my neck, his lower body pressing into mine making me gasp. His hand comes up under my shirt and quickly pulls it off of me. He licks and sucks on my neck as I arch my body to his.

"You’re mine Gabrielle." He says just before he bites down on the same place he had when he had claimed me.

I cry out as intense pleasure forces my body to buck under him, hard. His tongue lathes at the mark, each stroke sending a wave of heat to my core.

His hands pin my hips to the bed, keeping me in place as he keeps gently sucking at my mark. God, I don’t know what he was waiting for!

"Wolfe.." I plead, my body arching into his restlessly. Finally, his lips make their way back to my lips. His tongue explores my mouth expertly all the while his hands explore my body.

This time I moan loudly as his fingers graze my breast. He quickly unbuckles my bra and moves back to look down at me. I feel my cheeks redden instantly and I resist the urge to cover myself.

"You’re beautiful." He whispers. Leaning down slowly, his eyes locked on mine, his tongue flicks out and teases my nipple.

Without even thinking, I bring up my hand and hold him to me…not wanting this sensation to ever stop. His hand comes up and teases my other nipple, gently rolling it between his fingers and then plucking at it.

"Wolfe…oh god…" I try to close my legs to relieve the throbbing that I felt in my core, but instead just rub up against him. He thrusts forward, his member rubbing harder against me. I’m still wearing underwear, but I can still feel his heat all around me.

He moves back up and kisses me again, drowning out my moans and whimpers. His hand stops the torture to my nipple only to roam down my body and tear my underwear off.

I yelp in surprise, but I quickly forget as his fingers find my wet core.

Kissing down my neck to my mark once again, Wolfe gently parts my folds and rubs me with his fingers.

Oh god, oh god, oh god….is all I can think of. My eyes close on their own accord.

This was too good…it was just too good.