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Hi there! I'm Y/N. An accident happens to me when I was a kid. That accident changes my life drastically.


The 5 year old me is wondering around the under water world.  I'm not from land. I was born in the ocean. It was very peaceful. But that change when my parents rival came to attack us.

It was around noon here in the ocean. When my mom suddenly call out for me. "Y/N! Come here sweetie!" I hear my mom yelling at me. I run over to her. "What's wrong Mom?" I ask worried that she might be hurt or something.

"Follow me sweetie!" She said as she started to run towards the land where humans are. "Mom? Why are you taking me here?" I ask her, worried. "You'll be staying in land, sweetie... The ocean is no longer save for you" "but what about you?" I ask crying.... I don't wanna be separated from my mom. "Sweetie this is for your own safety." I just keep crying and hugging her tightly.

"Sweetie promise me that you'll always be careful. Don't get to attached to humans. They are dangerous people. Remember how I teach you about your ability to shape-shifting. Use it wisely, okay?" She said gently. I nod my head, sniffing. She took of her necklace (pic above) and give it to me. "Now go" she urge me to get going. I hug her on more time before going away. Before I went to far I turn around to look at her. What I saw brought more tears from my eyes. My mother was murdered by my dad's rival. Before he can see me I shape-shift into a bird and fly away.

End of flashback

That event cause me to loose my family. That time I just kept flying away. Until I got so tired from flying for too long.

As I landed and transform back to my human form, I heard gasp behind me. I turn around wide-eyed a guy and a woman, most likely to be married couple. "Wha-how? How did you transform from a bird into a human?" The guy ask. "Um-" I can't say anything I was too shock and scared that someone caught me transforming. I remember what Mom said that human are dangerous. I gulp and walk backwards. "Hey... It's okay! We won't hurt you." The woman said. I collapse from exhaustion. The last think I remember is I was being picked up and carried away.


When I woke up. I was in an unfamiliar place. This place is so strange for me. Is this what humans called house? And is what I'm laying on a bed? I heard footstep and what human called door open to see the couple from just now. "Hey how are you feeling?" The woman ask me gently. "I'm okay..." She smile and sit next to me.

"Where do you came from, sweetie?" She ask again. I hesitated to tell them. I mean we have to keep our home a secret. We don't want human to come and take advantage of it. I just look down "s-sorry... I couldn't tell you. It's our pledge to not tell a soul" I say quietly to them. They understand and doesn't plastered me any longer, which I'm grateful of.

After a while of talking they let me stay. They told me they have 3 daughters. They introduce me to them. Alicia, Jenny, and Ruth are their name. They are not that bad from what my mom has describe humans to be. These humans.... Instead of being scared of me. They took me in as their own family member. But I know it wouldn't last long. They're human and will die one day. I'm immortal and will live until the day the world come to an end. But for now I just accept their offer and stay with them as their family member and enjoy while I can.

'My life as a human. Starts now!'

*to be continued*

A/N: this story is not exactly how my dreams are. I just dream that I'm a creature from a the ocean that have the ability to shape-shift. The rest of it is really weird so I'm not gonna include it. I hope you like this story. Bye!!!

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