The Vampire Says..Im Chosen..But Why? Chapter 6

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What about blood. Oh dear. Do i drink blood?.Oh course i don't. Don't be silly serena. I laughed out loud.But if i am half vampire then why do i not like blood, come to think of it ,in my entire life i have never actaully seen other people's blood accept for my own.

I decided to forget my thoughts and see what this is all really about. I meen they said they would not hurt me and for a strange reason, i actaully believed them right up until i got angry . Serena do not start thinking about that night now. I distract myself from the slightest thoughts.

I ran towards my door trying to use my in-human speed and i did it. It was so accelerating, im never gonna get rid of the excitement i get from that. But as soon as i stopped by the door, i was not stopped by myself but i felt a huge and heavy rock push me back making me loose my balance, but before i could fall it caught me. Then i heard it's voice and i slowly opened my eyes. Revealing him without his cloak on.Wow.

He had a white t-shirt on which showed part of his pale chest , which filled out the t-shirt showing most of his muscular body. Sexy. Then he had dark black skinny jeans on which fled all the way down to his black converses.

"Im so sorry , are you ok?" Everytime i hear that voice it makes my heart accelerate. Daniel. His voice was so husky and soft , i couldn't keep track of my thoughts.

He giggled , then i realised he could read my thoughts. Oh no, ugh i hate you , you stupid vampire.

"Thats not what you was just thinking"

Then a huge smirk formed across his face which i couldnt help but stick my tongue out at.

"Its not my fault you always seem to catch me at the wrong moment!" i pushed myself out of his grasp then stood up , in a proud way, however did not quite work at because as soon as i turned around i tripped on a board and headed straight first onto the floor. The hit did not come because yet again he had saved me. Embarassment rushed to my cheeks and i could feel the hotness of my face burning up.

He smiled yet again before softly touching my cheek which only made it blush even more.Stop that.

" sorry..its just your cheeks are so cute when you're embarassed"

"Oh thanks now you making me blush even more..let go of me"

He then released me making sure i never tripped again. Well i very much appreciate that vampire.

He giggled once more making me smile again. Ugh his stupid smile is so contagious.

"So what do you want?" i asked coldly

"well actually i was wondering what you was doing seen as i could hear your thoughts"

A huge smirk formed on his face once again.

"Well obviously you already know what i was doing...i was trying to be vampire for ten seconds."

"I know..i just wanted to hear it from you..and by the sound of your thoughts when you done it., you deffinately enjoyed it"

"Ugh do not get flattered by your vampire powers , there is one question i wanted to ask you..but by the look on your face you already know"

A frustrated frown formed on his face and then he slowly answered.

"Well for years weve been watching over you , so we have managed to keep you away from other people's blood. You see because your demon clashes with the vampires taste for blood, your diet seems to have gained its unatural source which is eating normal food. We are still trying to find more about it because you see , demons drink vampire blood and vampire's drink human blood. So we do not get why you seem to enjoy human food and not want to drink human or vampires for that fact. We kept you away from any human who had cut themselves , just incase a vampire instinct made you loose control."

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