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i got to jin's house about an hour after he left to go to the airport. the sun was already shinning bright overhead, lighting up jin's tiny one bedroom apartment.

when i got there i did all the chores, watered the plants and took care of his dog before leaving at around six or seven.

after locking the door, i turn around and start walking to the nearest bus stop.

as i'm nearing the bus stop i almost faint. could i just be seeing things or was yoongi standing right. there.

he wore a mask and a hat to keep himself a bit undercover but i just knew that it had to be him

i start getting a bit closer only to realize that holy fuck, it actually was and by that time it was time for me to either run or just act natural.

instead of running, i just stay there, barely breathing.

the blonde starts looking around before his eyes stop on me. he knits his eyebrows together, squinting at me and tilts his head.

"do i know you?" he asks.

i bite my lip, looking down, "uhm, n-no..." i mumble.

yoongi just frowns, looking almost disappointed for some reason.

he's only seen me once. one time. and that was when i caused him to fuck up his ankle. so why did he look upset?

he's so weird...

as we step onto the bus, i make my way to the back, avoiding him at all costs. but instead he decides to get up and sit right next to me.

the silence was awkward as hell.

i started to fidget all the way to my stop until running off and quickly locking my doors.

he can't figure me out.

not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

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