Chapter 1

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*Third Person POV*

Izuku was sweating like never before. He stopped for a breather, trying to get his air back.

"You're doing poorly, Young Midoriya," All Might said. He was in his weak form.

He was currently doing his daily training with Izuku, and right now, they were focusing on building up his stamina. Izuku has done about 27 in the last 3 hours, and it started taking its toll on him.

"Are you sure--- running around town--- 100 times will help me?" Izuku asked, looking like a mess from all the panting.

"I'm very sure! Back in my hay day, I could run 1000 laps around this silly town!" All Might gloated. "And in less time, mind you."

Izuku was able to control his breathing a bit, though it took some effort. "Can I take a break at least?"

"No breaks! Time waits for no man! We've wasted enough time already. Now start running!" He yelled Izuku was startled and continued his laps.

'This is a nightmare! I'll never make it to one hundred at this rate!' Izuku said in mind.


Izuku couldn't go on any longer, he had 15 more laps to go, but his body didn't have the strength to get up.

"Midoriya! Get up and continue your laps, you need to build that stamina of yours if you wanna be a hero." All Might demanded.

Izuku tried getting up, but that ended up with him falling back down. "All Might, I can't run anymore... My body is aching all over..." Izuku's voice was rough and tired. It was easy to tell he wasn't well.

All Might sighed, "At this rate, becoming a hero will never happen. You may be able to use my power now without breaking yourself, but that's only a fraction of One for All. Imagine what would happen if you used it at full power in the state you're at. You'd fail."

He heart ached at his words. "W-well, I'm trying my best... I can't always be good at everything right away. I got 85 laps done, isn't that enough? For today at least?" Izuku looked at All Might for his answer.

All Might shook his head. "It's not nearly enough! You need to be stronger!" All Might looks away from Izuku. "You just... aren't strong enough, Midoriya." Izuku's eyes lost its bright colour. "We can talk about this more tomorrow. Head home and get some rest."

And with that, All Might left Izuku, who couldn't stand if he wanted to.


Izuku, in the end, did make it home, weak and physically dead. His mother greeted him at the door, but he didn't say a word. Izuku, looking lifeless, headed to his room and laid on his bed.

'No breaks! Time waits for no man!'

'Midoriya! Get up and continue your laps, you need to build that stamina of yours if you wanna be a hero.'

'At this rate, becoming a hero will never happen.'

Everything All Might said raced through Izuku's brain. He curled up into a ball, and tears slowly fell from his eyes.

"I need to be stronger..." He convinced himself.

Izuku had wiped his tears, stood up and headed out again, going for a run.

'Time waits for no man! That's what All Might said!'



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