I ended up landing on the windowsill of a child's bedroom in London and I assumed that it must have been Wendy's.  I bent down and slowly lifted the windows as quietly as I could and quickly jumped in, closing it behind me. I looked around and observed the room. It looked like any normal child's room. A toy chest in the corner of a room, and a dresser. Simple things. But there was something that I didn't expect.... I thought that there would only be one bed, but instead I noticed three, with three different children that were sound asleep. Two boys and then a girl who I knew was Wendy.

             I walked over to the middle of the room and looked at each of them in their sleeping state.  I walked over to Wendy's bed and looked down as she slept peacefully.  As she continued to sleep I summoned Two Across, ready to take her heart, until I heard her speak.

            "Who are you?" she asked.  I looked down at her and lowered my keyblade. "Why are you here? Did Peter send you?" She sat up happily and smiled at the mere mention of Peter Pan.


            "Hook?" I nodded. "Oh no, he's a liar and a theif, and a cheat. He's no good."

            "I know what he is..." I said and lifted my keyblade and felt the darkness swelling and swirling inside me.



            I heard two different voices speak. I looked over and saw that both little boy were awake, sitting up in their beds. I assumed these were her little brothers. They looked just like her.

            "No," Wendy warned. "Just go back to sleep."

            The oldest boy reached over and grabbed his glasses off a nearby table. "Wendy, who is this?"

            "No, John just go back to sleep."

            "Wendy..." the youngest said and clung to his teddy. "I'm scared..."

            "You should be..." I said to him.

            "No, Michael, it'll be alright," Wendy said hoping to calm and ease is fear and then she looked at me. "Please don't harm them."

            "Then you will come with me willingly and quietly or their pain and demise will be on your hands." She nodded and got up from her bed.

            "Wendy no!" they both whispered loudly.

            She went between their beds and smiled. "I promise you I'll be fine. I must go help Peter,"  she lied.

            "Oh yes," I said. "He is in quite a pickle...he's not his usual self." She smiled at me thinking I was playing along when of course I wasn't. But she'd never find out.

            "So you'll be back soon?" Michael asked. I was getting annoyed of this long goodbye.

            "Yes, I promise."

            She then came by my side and stood by the window, looking outside. I blew a puff of darkness that released in a smoke like state over the boys' heads so they would forget the last 10 minutes. I took hold of her and teleported back to Hook's ship. When I got to Hook's ship. I already had the lifeless body of Wendy Darling thrown across my shoulders. I had her heart and I was ready to leave.

            "I see you were successful," he said.

            "Yeah, here you are, " I sat her motionless body down, propped up.

            "Now I can finally relax....thank you, Ayame"

            "Yeah sure, I bid you farewell. I'm sure I'll see you again. I then opened a dark portal, heading back to Castle Oblivion, ready to start my next  mission.

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