What Happened Saturday Night

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And Nicola was lying there, totally unaware of the creature I was becoming in her bedroom, her smooth back illuminated in the moonlight. It was just too perfect. I wanted to claw at her body, open up her entrails, lick the blood out of jugular. And I could do it too, I knew it as I knew that what I was turning into wasn't human.

Somehow I managed to fight the terrible urge to kill until I opened the window, slipped out, and jumped down, but after that I couldn't resist any longer. Before I knew it I was running through the woods, following scents, hearing every sound the night had the offer, looking for a kill.

"I went out for a walk." I mumbled.

"You what?" said Nicola. She did not look concerned or hurt. She looked angry. I repeated myself a bit louder, and she raised a suspicious eyebrow. "You went out for a walk?" she repeated, hands on her hips. "While leaving your clothes on my bedroom floor?"


"And why didn't you call me yesterday?" Nicola asked. "I phoned you a dozen times!"

"M-My phone was broken!" I lied. In actuality I'd been avoiding all calls that day. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I didn't want to think. I didn't want to exist. I was a monster.

"Look, Louise—" Nicola reached for me, but I shied away from her hands. The thought of her touching me sent a strange and alarmingly pleasant sensation throughout my body, not unlike the one that had coursed through my veins when I'd hunted the doe. It was a feeling I shouldn't be having.

Nicola adjusted her tone, her voice becoming soft and soothing. "Louise, we have to talk about what happened the other night. We can't just act like it never happened."

I looked away from her and reply, "Can't we? We only did it because we sneaked beers from your fridge, so can't we pass it off as that?"

"You don't get it—"

"No, you don't get it!" I said, rounding on her. Tears welled up in my eyes and my voice shook. "One time when I was eight, my parents took me out to San Francisco to visit my dad's cousins. We wanted to stop at this restaurant for lunch, but the moment my folks saw two guys sit down at a table and start holding hands, they pulled me out of the restaurant with my mom holding her hands over my eyes and my dad saying he wanted to beat them to death for being sodomites! And after what we did—!" I stopped, realizing how loud my voice was getting. "I don't want my parents to hate me," I finished, trembling.

A powerful silence fell between us as tears rolled down my cheeks. Nicola took a step towards me and pulled me into her arms. I let her, even as a voice in my head told me to get away from her before we did something we'd later regret.

"I've known since junior high that I wanted to be more than friends with you. But I never cared that you were a girl. I just loved you for you." I stared at Nicola, her face only a few inches from mine. With a shock, it hit me that no one in the world understood me like she did, and that I never felt happier than when I was with her. Like right now, nothing could compare to being in her arms...and feeling her body against mine...and kissing her—

An electric current rocketed up my back and I felt my nails lengthen and sharpen into claws. At the same time, the bloodthirst I'd experienced the other night resurfaced, just as powerful as it had been before I killed that doe. Panicking, I broke away from Nicola's embrace. "I-I have to get to class."

"Oh." Nicola looked a little disappointed. "Okay. Can we at least talk after school?"

I hesitated at the door. I was trying to control the urge to hunt and feed that was coursing through me. Somehow I managed to force my nails to return to normal, but I felt fangs growing in my mouth and the tingling sensation of fur sprouting underneath my sweater.

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