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I walked through the gates of the Potter's cottage as the cold wind whistled in the dark night. The gate gave a loud creak as I opened it, most definitely signaling my arrival to the Potter's inside of the small two story home.

I watched as James Potter looked out the window and squinted into the darkness, his face flooded with fear once his eyes landed on me and he gave my son to Lily Potter. I watched as she ran out of view from the window, most likely going to hide him. I reached their door and pulled out my wand, blasting it off of its hinges.

"Give me my son, Potter!" I growled at the man, who was cowering in the corner in attempt to receive comfort. He shook his head despite the terror in his eyes and body. That only angered me more though, was he really that idiotic? How dare he think he can keep my son away from me anymore? "Don't worry, you'll be with your parents and wife soon," I say as I raise my wand and shout the curse that strips life away, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

His lifeless body fell limp to the floor and I stepped over him carefully as I made my way towards the stairs. I quietly made my way up the stairs old wooden stairs and towards the nursery where the crying of a child was coming from. I blasted the door open again with my wand, revealing my son and Lily Potter by his crib.

"Give me my son and you'll die a painless death," I say with a dark look in my crimson red eyes. She doesn't move an inch, her beautiful green eyes filled with defiance staring into mine. I glare at her before raising my wand to her, she started to tremble. "Tell your husband I always keep promises, sectumsempra," I whispered the last word and a purple light burst from my wand hitting her square in the chest causing blood to splatter everywhere.

I turned to my son who was in the crib as he held out his arms for me. I removed his glamour and picked him up with a soft smile despite the crime I had just committed. "Dada," The young toddler said smiling into my arms despite the whimpering dying red head on the floor.

"Hadrian, " I whispered as tears of joy streamed down my face, I finally have my son back after all of this.l, but it wasn't meant to be after all. When you're at war, you must sacrifice yourself for those you love.

At that moment Dumbledore appeared in the doorway and spared Lily one glance before turning to me and my son. I put Hadrian back into the crib and pointed my wand at Dumbledore, blocking Hadrian from his sight.

"Get away from me and my son you bastard, he's done nothing to you. How dare you draw a child into a war?" I stated calmly, but there was an undertone of anger that laced my words. Dumbledore gave me a grim smile with the look in his eyes that told everything, it was for the greater good. My gaze grew colder as I stared at him, raising my wand. "AVAD-" I began but was cut off by a green light hitting my chest, before I had time to realize what was happening.

I fell to the ground unable to move or stop myself, I couldn't feel my head hitting the ground as my body went numb. I could feel the rest of my soul fighting to get out of my body before it was killed, in a cloud of black smoke that only I could see it latched onto my son.

Everything was gone and I knew only agony.

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so yeah, first chapter rewritten.
it went from 300 words to 658 words. i hope you all like the improvement.

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