"What was your awkward phase, Boss?" Jasper asked.

"Head gear," Edward snickered. "And coke-bottle glasses. I had Lasik done, but my vision was so poor, I still needed contacts and glasses to help with my vision. What about you, cousin?"

"Horrible BO," Jasper grumbled. "I had to take three showers a day, use a special deodorant and eventually had Botox in my pits to stop the sweat glands. After I got through puberty, it evened out, but I am still pretty sweaty."

"None of us are perfect," Edward shrugged.

"To imperfections," Alice said, holding up her champagne flute. "And overcoming them ..."

"Imperfections," we all smiled, clinking our glasses together.

We watched the man conclude his demonstration, using the ropes and making the woman orgasm on stage. He guided her to a backstage area while the stage was reset with another set up. "Do we want to watch the next demonstration or explore?" Jasper asked. From his wrinkled nose, it would appear that he wanted to explore.

"Let's dance," Alice chirped. "Then, come back here when we're tired?"

"Or horny," I quipped. "Didn't Mike say we could use the rooms?"

Edward just waggled his brows, finishing his champagne. We spoke to our server and our table would be reserved. Heading downstairs to the club, we were shocked at the amount of people on the dance floor. It moved like a living, breathing organism. Suspended above the dance floor were scantily clad dancers, both male and female, writhing to the pulsating bass of the techno music. Alice and Jasper disappeared onto the dance floor while Edward and I stayed on the perimeter. Edward slid behind me, his arms loosely around my waist. "Do you want to go out there?" Edward asked.

"Hmmm, not yet. Way too many people," I chuckled, threading my fingers with his. "And I don't dance. I have two left feet."

"I disagree," he purred, his hands moving to my hips and rolling them to the music. "You are dancing now." His lips wrapped around my earlobe and he hummed lowly. "You are so fucking sexy, Isabella. Pure sin in your dress. I want to slide it up and fuck you."

I let out a whimpered groan, pressing my ass against his crotch, his arousal was pressed between my cheeks. I felt his breath on my neck, his lips beneath the hollow of my ear. "Edward," I gasped. He smiled against my neck, moving us in concert to the music. Slowly, he turned me around and slid his thigh between my legs. I draped my arms over his shoulders, rolling my body with his. His movements were smooth, sensual. His hands rested on my ass and he stared at me, hungry and swirling with desire.

"You're so beautiful, dolce," he growled, kissing my lips and rocking me over his growing erection. He pulled away, taking my hands and guiding me out to the dance floor. He tugged me flush to his body, cupping my ass. I smiled, toying with his hair at the nape of his neck. We moved with the surging bodies around us. "I bet I could make you come, Bella, dancing with you ..." He positioned me over his muscular thigh. My skirt, which was already dangerously short, inched higher. "I can feel how wet you are, baby against my thigh."

"As I can feel how hard you are," I purred. "Together?"

"I want to explore one of those rooms. Fucking you ...," Edward chuckled darkly. I blushed and rocked against his thigh. He kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth. My body clenched as he moved me over his leg. I could feel the knot in my stomach grow tighter. "You're so wet, my dolce. You're ruining my pants."

"You're ruining my panties," I purred. I looked at him. His green eyes were dangerous, sexy, seductive. "I think we need to talk to Mike. I don't know if I can wait ..." He crashed his lips against mine and dragged me off the dance floor.

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