Twenty four.

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It's now February and I'm really starting to hate the cold but it does have one benefit. I've been using every single trick in the book against cold weather into staying home. I have grown to love being home because it's where I can connect with Mike the most.

Oh, how I wish he was here though.

These thoughts replay in my head only about a hundred times a day and I don't really mind them. Mike and I have been stronger than ever but we fight over the stupidest shit half the time though.


"Why haven't you told your mom about me, Addison?" He asks me and I want to snap at him already.

"Because, Mike." I say in the most annoyed tone. "We've been over this so many times."

"Well explain again and have a decent enough answer this time." He seems just as annoyed as me.

"I am not explaining this to my mom right now. She doesn't need to know. I'm not sure how she will react." I place my head into my palms and prepare for this argument.

"Are you ashamed of me?" 

"Of course, Mike." I say in a sarcastic tone but I can tell it hurt him a bit.

"No. I'm not ashamed of you, Michael." I try to sound convencing but once again he just isn't buying it.

"Okay." I say and continue on, "I want to tell my mom about you but I'm honestly not sure how she will react. She has never heard of me talking to other people across my country and I don't think she will understand. She has never liked any of my guy figures and you being away will probably just make it even harder for her to connect with you. I want you and her to be able to meet her face to face and see how much I care about you infront of her. I also don't want to let her know about someone that I'm not for sure will always be here for me. I don't want her meeting all these guys who will turn around and leave. It's just best I wait."  I trail off and he looks at me.

"Whatever, Addi."

Thinking of our fights make me question our sanity but nothing will ever overpower my love for this guy. Nothing makes my day than talking to him, even with our fights, I will never love him any less. I'm not for sure if him and I will ever make it as a couple or whatever but I just know that in one point in my life I was happy.


I'm on my way to school and I haven't thought much about college as much as I should since it's my senior year and it was all that I was worried about before I met Mike. Everything in my life has altered in some type of way since I have met him. I'm not complaining though, without him I would still be stuck in the dark, crying over Tyler instead of seeing the good in life.

I past Tyler in the hallways and see him whenever I am in English class, but he ignores me. I'm somewhat okay with that though. I don't care if he doesn't talk to me anymore, but I still get a sting in my heart when I think about how it was used to be. But everything overpowers when my thoughts revert back to him.

Half of my day is over with but now I am heading over to History class. I don't care for the class anymore because of Hailey being in there. Mike has reassured me she isn't a big deal to him but I still get pissed whenever I go to think about her. I envy her at the fact she got to meet Mike and for a reason I still haven't got.

I can see my teacher up ahead waiting at the door for all of my classmates to come in.

"Addison." He gives me a head nod.

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