Chapter-2- been related to a king

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"I'm sorry. Merlin is just scared, he didn't think about what he was doing." Mordred telepathically told Gwaine.

"I'm sure he didn't."

"Your sure who didn't?" Percival asked, "Gwaine what happened?"

Gwaine quickly looked over to Mordreds pleading eyes and replied "It's nothing. Let's continue the game. Maybe we can start targeting."

"Targeting?" Lancelot asked.

"Target certain people to try and get them to admit more things."

"Ooo that could get interesting. I'll start. Never Have I Ever had to clean Arthurs boots." Lancelot looked to Merlin.

Merlin and Gwaine put their hands up.

"I almost forgot about that Gwaine." Arthur laughed.

"When did you clean Arthurs boots?" Elyan asked.

"It was before I became a knight. Me and Merlin had to clean everyone's boots, so I probably cleaned Leons as well." Gwaine grinned at the knight.

"I'll go next," Leon said, "Never Have I Ever flirted with Gwen." He grinned.

Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine and Lancelot all put their hands up.

"I wasn't expecting that many." Elyan laughed.

"What about... Never Have I Ever been kissed by Gwen...properly, not just a kiss on the cheek." Percival said.

Arthur and Merlin kept their hand up.

"Merlin!?" Arthur shouted, everyone looked towards Merlin.

"What! She kissed me! It was ages ago anyway. She thought I had died, my heart had stopped." Merlin protested.

After the teasing Gwaine went next, he looked at Arthur and said "Never Have I Ever been related to a king." Arthur and Leon put their hands up.

"Merlin..." Mordred looked at him, making everyone look to Merlin, "I thought we were being truthful."

"He said related so technically I am." Merlin protested.

"Merlin, what are you talking about?" Arthur asked, somewhat confused.

Merlin hesitated and delayed for a bit before answering, "Does being one count?"

"What?!" Arthur, along with some other knights, proclaimed.

"Does being a king count?" Merlin glared at Mordred for bringing it up, but also to avoid the eyes of the other knights.

"You...A king? Of what? Idiots?" Arthur looked towards the knights who laughed with him.

Mordred, angered that they would make fun of his king, corrected them quickly before he thought of the actions that his words would cause. "He is King of the druids."

Arthur's and the knights eyes snapped to Merlin and Merlins snapped to Mordred.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Arthur asked, they shook their heads no, "Mordred? How would you know this?"

"I am a druid." He might aswell get the whole truth right in the open.

Arthur stood, at this Mordred flinched and Merlin placed his hand on Mordreds shoulder, this did not go unnoticed by their other companions. Arthur started to pace, from the fire to the nearest tree. He mumbled to himself then turned to them, "Ok... Alright, fine. One condition,"

"Never Have I Ever... Used magic."


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I know it's short but I wanted something published because I haven't published anything on any of my stories lately and I thought that was a good place to finish the chapter. Sorry but I have had very bad 'writers block'. I say 'writers block' because I have had loads of idea but then not known how to write them or continue them. So again really sorry.


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