Chapter 6: Not Being Able To Talk To Noah

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"Stutter girl?" I turn around to hear Noah ask as I make my way to gym

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"Stutter girl?" I turn around to hear Noah ask as I make my way to gym. I freeze then turn back around and keep walking trying to hide my face.

I look back to see the giant trying to dodge the crowd. Giant? Well yes, Noah is a giant. He looks around 6 foot. Where I am 5 foot, so yeah, big difference. He's like a giant to me.

"Stutter girl! Please! Wait! I just want to talk!" I hear him yell, then he disappears into the crowd of students. I can't afford to talk to him. That's like asking for the bitch squad to come at me with a knife.

I walk into gym. I hate gym so much. I always have. I'm not very sporty, and I'm always out of energy. I rather just read a good book. Heck! I rather do math! Okay...maybe that's a lie.

But the point is, I'm not sporty. Never was, never will be. I'm just not a sporty person. I walk into the gym and sit on the bleachers with everyone else. Just then, Noah walks in and sits right next to me. Just my luck!

"Hello class! I'm Mr. Jamison and I'll be your gym teacher this year." Mr. Bossypants says in a mean voice. I already knew that gym is going to be the death of me.

"Now, today, you're going to play basketball. Now go play basketball." He says, everyone gets up and walks over to the basketballs and grabs one. The whole bitch squad glances at me.

"Stutter girl, why are you ignoring me?" He asks, I don't say anything. I grab a basketball and start throwing it at the basketball hoop. "Stutter girl! What did I do?" He asks angrily,

"L-leave me alone." I demanded, "Don't talk to me that way, little girl." He says, I gulp. If any of the girls see me talking to him, I'm dead. My basketball rolls away. I run away and grab it.

Noah was coming over to me but Tiffany gets in front of him. I hear a little bit of the conversation. I mean I didn't want to...I just heard it...I wasn't trying to hear it or anything.

"Hey Noah! I'm Tiffany." I hear her say, "Cool." He says, trying to get away from her. But she blocks his way. "It's nice to meet you Noah!" She says,

"Yeah, well it's not nice to meet you. Get out of my way!" I hear him yell, wow. I hear footsteps coming closer to me. Please don't be Tiffany! Please don't be Tiffany! I'll do anything! Anyone but Tiffany! Please!

"Do you know her? Because she's a little bitch," I hear Noah say from behind me. I look and see that those footsteps belonged to Noah. Never mind. I'll take Tiffany.

Too late?


"Oh, wait. You don't have any friends. Silly me." I hear him say. Ouch. "W-why are you so mean to me?" I mumble,

"I'm not mean to you. You're mean to yourself by listening to me." He says, he then walks away without another word being said. I just stood there holding a basketball. I let out a sigh.

I throw the basketball in the hoop and then start walking to the water fountain. But I hear someone tell my name. I turn around to see who it was but everything went black.

Noah's POV

"Thalia! Watch out!" I hear someone yell. I turn around and see Thalia on the ground. I run over to her and pick her up. "What happened!?" The couch yells,

"I threw the ball but Thalia got in my way." The bitch, Tiffany I think is her name says. "Yeah, it wasn't Tiffany's fault that Thalia got hit in the face." The girl Tammy says, "Lies. She threw that ball at Thalia on purpose." I say,

"Stay out of this. You didn't even see what happened." That Jerk, Wyatt says. Wyatt is a love sick puppy that will do anything for Tiffany. Might even die for her.

"Oh, so you seen what happened?" I ask, "No, but you should at least give Tiffany a chance to speak." Wyatt says,

"If we get her to start talking she might not stop." I say, rolling my eyes. "If you knew what was good for you, you'd shut your mouth." He says, I ignore him.

"I'll take Thalia to the nurse." I say, "No, it's fine. I'll do it since I caused it." Tiffany says, smiling. "No, I'll do it SINCE you caused it." I say, I start walking out the doors, while holding Thalia.

I walk into the nurses office. "Hello?" I hear the nurse asks. "Hi, this is my...friend. Her name is Thalia. She got hit in the face with a basketball then fell on the ground..." I say,

"Oh, she's been getting hurt a lot lately." The nurse chuckles. "What do you mean?" I ask, "Oh, uh, this is her second time being here...this week." She says,

"What happened last time? Was she sick?" I ask, I put Thalia on the bed that the nurse told me to. "No, her nose was bleeding. It looked like she had been punched in the face. But it's not my job to snitch." She says,

"Oh." I say, "Anyways, Thalia is going to be fine. She'll just be knocked out for...maybe a minute. Probably less," She says smiling at me. I nod sighing. "You can go back to class or stay here."

"Ummm if she'll be fine...I'll just go back to class. But don't tell her that I brought her." I say, "Why not? I'm sure she'll be great full for what you did." She says confused.

"I don't want her to start thinking we are friends."


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