Stripper!Levi x Reader

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(Y/N)'s POV

"Now open your eyes." I hear Levi's calm voice say.

I open my eyes then gasp as I look down at my neck to see a blue sapphire heart necklace that happens to have diamonds outlining it. It's beautiful. "Levi this is the most beautifulest gift I ever received but if you don't mind me asking this looks really expensive, are you sure you should be spending this kind of money on me?"

"(Y/N) I love you with all my heart and I want you to have everything you're heart desires. My new job pays me a lot of money which I want to use to make you smile, you deserve to be treated like a princess."

I look up at him and smile. "Oh Levi this is so sweet. Now I feel bad that I didn't get you anything."

"As cheesy as this may sound, you being by my side is the best gift I could ever ask for." he says as  he places a kiss on my lips that instantly becomes so much more. He pulls a way and we both pant at how breathless the kiss left us. "If you still really want to make up to me, how about we take this up to the bedroom and end the night with some snuggles?"

"Gladly." We run up the stairs and into our bedroom closing the door behind us.

~Time Skip~

Levi's expensive gifts didn't stop at just the necklace, soon he was buying me flat screen TVs, cars, taking me out to fancy restaurants and more. It seemed as though Levi's job paid him so well that we could live our life in luxury although as much as I love all of this new expensive crap I can't help but wonder what even is Levi's job? He never told me, said it would be too complicated, but now I'm curious. 

I'm sitting on the couch watching some anime when I hear the doorbell ring. I pause my show and walk up to the door, when I open it I am met with the face of my best friend Hanji Zoe. "HEY! Guess what?"

"What?" I ask.

"We're having a girls night! Just the two of us!" She pushes her way into the house.


"Do I need to have a reason to visit my bestest bestie in the whole wide world?"

"Usually you come prepared with a plan that'll get us both in trouble."

Hanji looks at me with a fake hurtful expression. "You think so little of me."

Hanji plops down on my couch and we watch a bunch of weird shows together when Levi comes out of his room with a bag in hand. "(Y/N), I'm going to work."

I get off of the couch and walk over to Levi, I plant a long kiss on his lips. "Go do whatever you do at work, just make sure to do it ten times better than anyone else."

"Will do." He smiles briefly, plants a kiss on my forehead and ruffles my hair. "Oi shitty glasses!" Hanji turns to face Levi. "Don't do anything that'll get (Y/N) in trouble."

"Aw man, you mean I can't hire her a stripper." Hanji jokes.

"Don't even joke about that." Levi exits the building giving me one last kiss before he leaves.

"Really a stripper?" I question Hanji's joke

"Well it does have something to do with what we're really going to do tonight."

My fingers pinch the bridge of my nose. "Oh god you actually hired a stripper."

"Nah, but we're going to the place that strippers are at. Yes young (Y/N) we will be going to a strip club." Hanji says dramatically. 

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