Chapter 5: I'm a what?!

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"," Bronson smirked and placed his hands on top of mine, that were currently resting on his thighs. His rough, warm hands sent shivers down my spin. 

SWEET BABY JESUS is right, WHAT AM I DOING?! How could I have know he'd have this effect on me? I internally scolded myself. Never in my entire life has a guy been able to do this to me. I normally am the one keeping cool, while the other one is trying to impress me.

Bronson leaned forward so his lips were barely touching my ear and whispered, "You know, you're cute when you're mad." 

Before I could retort something, I saw a spry old man make his way out of the doorway of the shop into the classroom. He stood at the front, in wrangler jeans and a yellow polo shirt. He had on boots and a belt buckle for something I couldn't make out, maybe roping? And a black, felt cowboy hat to top it off. He was on the shorter side, maybe even shorter than Codi and I. 

He cleared his throat and said in an excited voice, "May I have everyone's attention." 

All the students sitting on top of desks, hopped off and sat in their seats. I eyed Brantley and removed my hands from his legs and sat down in the seat next to him. He winked at me and hopped off the desk and sat in his. 

"Thank y'all, my name is Mr. Harvey, as most of you already know I am the Welding 1 &2/3 instructor. Now I'm not one of those teachers that'll  make y'all go 'round and say your name to everyone. Y'all can learn as you go. Earlier in the back, I see Mr. Pate and our new student have already done some acquainting." He looked me straight in the eye and then at Bronson. I could see a small faction of a smile break his lips as he continued on. Everyone in the class laughed and some glanced back at us. 

I could feel myself blushing once he said it. I glanced over at Bronson and his cheeks were red too. Awww, he's blushing, I melted. 

Mr. Harvey put on an introduction lesson about the safety hazards in the shop. This part was boring for me, I already knew all of it. 

More time went by, and I glanced at the clock, 11:25 a.m. 5 more minutes and I'm out of here. 

Looking around the class it seems everyone did also. Most kids were laying their head on the desk and barely watching him lecture us. Some were whispering with their neighbors. 

We were all bored, I gave a small laugh. 

Bronson turned his head towards me and smiled, "I didn't think learning the problems of using a hydraulic metal cutting band saw on wood, was funny." 

I glanced up at the board and that's what we were learning about. I turned back and stifled a laugh, "Oh no that's not it, everyone just looks so bored in here that's all." 

This time he gave a small laugh and said, "I didn't realize that was funny either." 

Once again I blushed, "It is, it's obvious that all of us already know this." I pointed up at the power point that now had the possible dangers of welding. "Everyone already knows that if you don't quench after your bead it can catch fire when you strike another one." I said in a duh tone. 

"Wow, I'm surprised you know that much," he mumbled out of shock.

"Why are you always so surprised about me?" I asked getting heated up again.

"No reason, I guess it's because you're this little city girl who-" 


"Well yeah," He snorted and looked me up and down. 

Looking down at myself I realized that I was wearing my crop top and skinny jeans. It all clicked. That's why he thinks I'm city. 

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