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TERRIFIED. You were so terrified after hearing his voice close to your ear. You didn't dare turn around, you were too nervous to face him.

Glued to the spot, and you couldn't speak.

"Y/N? Hello? Y/N!?" Jin's worried voice screeched over the phone. Before you could answer however, it was harshly ripped out of your hands.

You whimpered as he turned you around by your wrist. Your phone was discarded somewhere to the floor after he hung up on Jin.

"Sneaky, always so sneaky angel. Why must you be so sneaky?" He chuckled darkly into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

"What are you doing!?" You screech out, trying to sound confident but of course, failing at it.

He shakes his head, tsking at your question.

"What's best for us of course. Everything I do, is for us or, for you." He stroked your cheek in a gentle manner, but the look in his eyes gave you a bad feeling.

"Yoongi, I think you should leave." You say so quietly, he wouldn't have heard it...had he not been extremely close to you.

"I don't think so."

Before you could even question him, he roughly grabs your arm , pushing you against the wall.

"Hmm, my pretty baby. What shall I do with you?"

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