The dungeons have two levels. Neither one is a place anybody wants to visit, but one is decidedly worse than the other.

The stench is the first noticeable thing upon moving downstairs and past the first iron door. Rotting food, human waste, the decomposing fur of rats that have had their bones picked clean by starving prisoners all lend to the opressing ambience that is the dungeons far beneath the rich floors of the palace.

Cold stone floors, slime-riddled wooden pillars and heavy steel bars are the most prominant decorative pieces. Add some metal hooks into the walls to hold chains, for those that annoy the guards or are fit for their amusement.

The first level is even with the sewers, which run directly past the northern cells, but the smell coming from the dirty and rat-infested water is rank enough to fill the entire dungeon. The reek is obviously more over-powering the further north one travels - so the prisoners that are repeat offenders tend to be stuck here, in their cage with a batch of hay in one corner to sleep on and a hole in the other corner to squat over. The cells further away are no different, but at least the smell isn\'t so much that a prisoner would gag with every breath. Most of the criminals found here are pickpockets or food-thieves, or those of a more noble distinction (no matter the severity of their crime).

The lowermost level runs below the sewers, so that the water gushing above them drips down the walls or through the ceiling. Dank, cold and uncomfortable the cells are bigger, but prisoners here share. The pecking order is at its worst here, where hardened criminals and cut-throats kill each over scraps, bedding or misunderstandings. Most of the criminals here are forgotten about, and it is extremely rare to survive the experience of the lower cells.

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