Chapter 9

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"Look, I'm sorry for your loss, it's mine too. I heard a lot about you and my brother. You used to work for him, I see," he gently set me back on the couch, "I don't have much memory of him; we grew up separated. But please, calm down."

I curtly nodded, his voice calmed me down. I'd panicked so much. I lost myself for a moment, "It's Rafe's death anniversary today," I said. It was weird talking about Rafe to someone who looked like him. God, it was really strange. How can I escape this?

He heaved out a breath, "I'm sorry for calling you crazy."

Right. He couldn't be my Rafe. He was a different person, but I needed to get out of here. I really needed to get out of here, right now.

"Elizabeth will understand why I'm being like this. I'm sure she'll understand why I'm going to leave now. I'm sorry, Travis or whoever you are, but I'm leaving. I'll just go get my son," I stood.

"He's Rafe's son, isn't he?" he asked. His question made me stop.


"You should at least hear what Elizabeth's concern. She needs to tell you something important about the company."

"She can just tell it to me in the office if its business matter."

"Clara..." he whispered.

"It's painful to look at your face," I looked at him, "and I won't get used to it." I even felt betrayed by my own best friend. Elizabeth knew I was still mourning. How could she just show this man in front of me?

"Stephon?" I called out as I walked to the kitchen. I found him and Jamie eating a sandwich. Elizabeth was spreading cheese on a sliced bread, "Come here! We're going home."

"But, Mommy! I am going to play with Jamie!" Stephon complained.

Elizabeth put down the bread, "Clara, you just came."

"I can't believe you'll do this to me, Eli. You know why I can't stay here anymore—Stephon!? We're going home!"

"But Mommy!" Stephon began to cry.

"I'm sorry, okay? I am sorry if I frightened you, but Clara, this is important. I need your help."

"I shouldn't have come here, Eli," Travis interrupted. We both glanced in his direction.

"Shut up, Travis!" Elizabeth threw him a glare, and grabbed my hand, "Look, I'm really sorry. I reacted the same way you are reacting right now. I knew about Travis for a while now. I didn't tell you because I know the pain you're going through, but he can't hide forever. It's not his fault that he looked like Rafe. It's just his face. He's another person—another human being." Elizabeth said, but it was like a slap in my face.

Alright, I was acting like a crazy person. Rafe's twin was right about it, too. I was just too shocked and surprised. I just needed space. He just came out of nowhere. Rafe didn't even mention he had a long lost twin brother. It made me realize that I didn't really know him at all.

"I'm sorry. It was stupid, I know," I sighed. How could they look so identical? As if there was no difference at all! Travis might be more of a muscular, with a facial hair and a shorter hair, but everything was the same.

"I'll talk to you some other time. I just need to process this. I can't stay here for now," I shook my head

Travis snickered, "I can't believe this. Am I bothering you that much?" Travis asked me directly, "Then you can leave. Just go."

"Travis, we already talked about this, right? You're going to need her. What I need from you is understanding," Elizabeth told him. "I told you to just bear with it."

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