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I know, I know. It's not a chapter. Don't kill me.

Anyway, onto the topic of discussion. Should you so care, I am rewriting a lot of the earlier chapter, mainly the first and second because, come on, those were total shit. And as such, I will be rewriting all of that. If you're interested in reading the new chapters, that would be cool. Of course, they will be basically the same, maybe just double length and start a little differently. I will leave the original chapter down at the bottom, after the new, rewritten version, just for the sake of looking back on how horrible it used to be compared to how less horrible it is now. I recognize that the majority of you will indefinitely skip reading this because you're a lazy silent reader (yes, I see you hundreds of people who don't vote or comment >->).

I will continue to update the book as normal, just keep in mind that I am now concentrating on that end of the book as well. All for your enjoyment, reader.


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