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3rd POV

The next day, Marinette was kinda nervous as she walked with her brother to school.She knew that the new hero's on her team were gonna look up to her (for the most part) and she needed to be the leader that can take care of an entire team, not just her and Chat.

When they got to their classroom, they noticed everyone surrounding Adrien and a girl next to him.

Normally Marinette would be nervous about who that was next to him or worried he has a girlfriend, but ever since she started going out with Chat, she hasn't really cared much about who Adrien goes out with anymore. Chloe could have him for all she cared.

"Hey guys! Your just in time to meet my sister! Mari, Marin, this is my twin sister Adrienne." He moved out of the way to show a girl about Marinette's hight, the exact blonde hair Adrien has, and it was like they had the exact outfit on, just for a girl instead.

Mari smiled at her while Marin stood in awe. He couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful she was. Her long blonde hair was tucked behind her ear as she talked to Marinette about joining their friend group.

She's beautiful, he thought. When Adrienne looked over at him he blushed and smiled nervously (like how Marinette does usually).

She smiled back and continued to talk to his sister.


"So if you want you can eat lunch with us. I'm sure Chloe, Nino, and Alya would love to meet you."

"That's sound great! Thanks Marinette!" Adrienne smiled at me and I returned it. After a few minutes of talking, the teacher came in.

"Alright class, time to get started. Please sure to chapter 4 of the Geography book."

<3 painful hours of school later>

It was finally time for lunch and I was walking with Alya, Nino, my brother, and Chloe to our normal spots. We saw Adrien and his sister already there.

"Hey guys! You finally made it." Adrienne said smiling and waving at us.

We waved back and I noticed that Marin's checks were solid red. I smiled sadly. I've been there too, Marin. I just hope she feels the same for you too.

All throughout lunch we all talked and got to know Adrienne. She loves to sing, can play the piano like Adrien, and even had a puppy in America when she was over there. She was thinking about asking their father if they could get another.

All was going great until we heard a crash from outside the school.

"What was that?" Adrienne asked. We all looked around till Nino shouted out.

"Incoming!" We looked at him for a moment to see him pointing right behind us. We looked to see a car flying through the air right at us!

We all moved out of its way just in time for it to hit the school building behind us. I looked up in the air and saw someone who I hate so much: Volpina.

"Well well well, lookie what we have here. I bet you all remember me, but for those two new people down there, I'll reintroduce myself. My name is Volpina, and lets just say I'm not a hero."

She used her flute and another car come towards me(!?). I jumped out of the way before it could hit me. Once it was on the ground, Adrien went over to it.

"I can feel it! But how, I thought she could only create illusions." Did she discover a new power?

She continued to throw cars at me until I was trapped in a corner. Right as another car was coming for me, something stopped it. Or more like someone.

"Hey there Volpina, long time no see. Wow forgot how much our outfits look alike." Rene said.

"So your the new girl I heard about. Eh, I pull the outfit off better." She smirked and Rene looked pissed.

"But I'm an actual hero where as you are just a pawn for Hawk Moth, just like all the others."

Volpina was about to attack her when she was hit.

"Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late!" I saw Chat Noir jump next to Rene. Good, he's here. Now I can help get Adrien and the others away. I turned to yelled out for Adrien when I noticed he, and everyone else, was gone.

I shrugged and just thought that they got to safety. I hid behind a wall and transformed. I raced to the roof where the others were fighting Volpina; I noticed that the others arrived before me as well.

"Give it up Volpina! You're no match for all of us!" I yelled out after hitting her with my yo-yo.

"You may be right, but soon not only will I defeat all of you, but I'll reveal you all to the world! Especially you Ladybug," she walked right up to me and whispered, "or should I say Marinette."

I gasped as she disappeared behind one of her fog illusions. How does she know?!

"What happened Ladybug? What did she say to you?" Lady Beatle said as he and the others gathered closer to me. I sighed, better just tell him. Don't need a lie to come bite me later.

"She knows my identity, I think she knows all of yours too." Everyone looked shocked. "But the problem is, if she knows, then why hasn't Hawk Moth attacked us yet?"

"He must be waiting for the right moment. We need to make sure we start alert. Never turn your back; keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary." Chat Noir said. We all agreed.

After making sure Volpina didn't destroy anything, we all said our goodbyes and left, ready to see what the news reporter captured this time.

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